Wednesday , January 20 2021

Trump says GM "is not going to be treated well"

In an interview with Fox News with Harris Faulkner, he said he was concerned about General Motors' plan to rebuild its global business, including stopping production at five North American facilities and canceling some 14,000 jobs.

"To tell me two weeks before Christmas that she's going to close in Ohio and Michigan-I do not agree," Trump said. "And it will open quickly or someone else will go in. But General Motors will not be treated well."

General Motors said in a statement on Thursday that the company is focusing on "our employees are currently working on our affected plants in Maryland, Michigan and Ohio."

Trump's comments were only his latest in a series of very unusual public attacks on the CEO of a large American corporation by the president.

General Motors said it closed plants and fired employees to better prepare for the future. The company wants to transfer the production of the sedan, which fell out of favor with Americans, to SUVs and trucks. Also, he wants to save money for the expensive task of inventing self-driving car technology.

In a statement released last Thursday, General Motors said that "focus remains" on workers in closed factories, adding that workers by the hour could find jobs elsewhere.

"We continue to produce great vehicles today for our customers while taking steps towards our vision of the world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion," the company said.

Trump predicted Barre's actions to redesign GM's business would fail.

"I think she's making a big mistake," Trump said. "They changed the whole model of General Motors … I do not run a company to ride but all electric is not going to work, it's great to have it as a percentage of your cars but getting into this model is not going to work."

Trump's argument that GM has plans to stop making a gasoline powered engine is not really true. GE currently does not intend to go "all electric" as suggested by Trump, but Trump can not be far. Experts in the automotive industry believe that self-driving cars will replace nearly all human-driven cars one day – and these cars will require electric batteries to turn the technology on board.

He also argued that a new trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States would do tough business for GM. He criticized the company for making some of its vehicles and parts in Mexico, and he said that the new USMCA agreement would fix it.

"Now the new deal, the USMCA, I did, really makes it very inconvenient for people to leave the country," Trump said. "And it would be very uncomfortable for them."

The USMCA will require companies to pay the same minimum wage to their employees in each of the USMCA countries, which requires GM to give its Mexican employees a raise. It can reduce some of the benefits of building vehicles in Mexico, although GM has no plans to return production to the United States.

In the end, Trump said, GM's cuts will not hurt the US economy.

"It does not really matter that Ohio is under his leadership from a national point of view," he said. "Ohio will replace these works in two minutes."

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