Wednesday , September 29 2021

Vaccination for COVID-19 is mandatory at the residence of Lambeton College

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Lambton College is binding COVID-19 vaccines to students living at its home this fall.

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Serenia College recently announced a change of residence in London Road, which is expected to house 150 students when studies begin after the work day.

The move follows the requirements that have already been set for residence at the West University of London and Panshawa College.

Currently, there is no need for vaccines, but they are encouraging, for other areas on the Campus College campus.

Students moving in will have to show they have received “at least their first dose” by Aug. 30 to allow them to move in, said college spokeswoman Diana Forbes.

“The student experience was a big consideration,” she said. “We want our students living in the residence to have a grounded and powerful experience — both academically and socially — as well as to keep them safe and healthy.”

Proof of second dose will be required by October 15, otherwise students will have to leave their place of residence.

Forbes said the college will work with Lambton’s public health and will offer a vaccination clinic on campus in September to students and staff.

The college said it would be possible to obtain exemptions for medical or other protected reasons under the Ontario Human Rights Act.

Lambton College has already moved to single-room residences because of the epidemic, reducing its capacity from 275 students in regular periods, Forbes said.

“We want to make sure they can have fun and can socialize and do it safely,” she said. “One way we can do that is to make sure they are vaccinated.”

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Students who planned to live in the residence, or were on the waiting list, received information about the change via email, Forbes said.

She says the college’s fall programs “evolve as society evolves” and she updates incoming students as things change.

College classes moved to the network after the epidemic began and Mabton launched a hybrid approach in September 2020, with some students attending campus for processing classes.

Last winter, 2,815 students studied at the college in Sarnia.

The college recently said that about 60 percent of its programs will offer students expanded opportunities to attend classes on campus in September.

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