Saturday , May 15 2021

Vancouver woman and woman wounded in ice eagle

It was a party of two that crashed into Lisa Bell's knees, leaving her surprised and hurt.

The amateur photographer of Vancouver Island says she photographed two bald eagles approaching the air near Bowser B.C. On the island of Vancouver Friday, when the duo fell from the sky, landed on it scratches and accidentally scratched her body with their claws.

"They got together and went down," she said. "I'm really lucky it could be a lot worse."

Lisa Bell received two wounds on her neck for bald eagles that fell on her on Friday 26 April 2019. (Lisa Bell / Facebook)

The incident took place on a cliff overlooking the ocean, but forced Bell to seek medical treatment at a local hospital

"The doctor came in and said," I just heard eagles landed on your lap, "and I went" Yes, "she said." He says, "Okay, I have not heard of it before."

Belle says she photographed the vultures when they clawed and began to dive. She continued to photograph frames until they were on her knees.

The injury to Lisa Bell's arm after she said two bald eagles fell on her. (Lisa Bell / Facebook)

"I still had my camera, but I had a few injuries, in a split second," she said, adding that the vultures flew immediately. Bell did not say if they looked hurt.

Although the incident is back on Saturday to the scene to continue filming there vultures.

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