Sunday , January 17 2021

Warframe players refuse to abandon Fortuna 69 (nice)

I have a theory: the value of a community is directly proportional to its willingness to gather around and fight almost to death for deep dumb things. Warframe Players do an excellent job of proving it.

B Warframe, Co-op Sci-Fi shooter with MMO elements, cases just stick to stay as long as there are players to populate them. Fortuna 69, which was born around the time of the new game fortune Expanding the launch on the computer in November, has defied the odds, Hanging for more than a month. It still goes when I write this, ie it is now 35 days – Methuselah is more right than one, considering that Methuselah is said to have lived until he was 969 years old.

How did it happen? The community wanted it. Since Fortuna 69 jumped into existence, players have diligently shepherded him in moments when it was on the brink and gone for good. They did everything to get the word out, with some creating inspiring ads, such as that of PsyCoCinematics (through Rock Shotgun Paper)

And whatever it is, from binary violence;

Oh, and a bunch of players collaborated to create the number 69 a few weeks ago because I mean, of course:

WarframeThe community has even kept Fortuna 69 going during a few hot fixes which required players to stop playing and download new data. Developer Digital Extremes has grown smarter in this, so it's now a problem in the game of warnings for hotfixes.

"Fortuna 69 is alive, and here you can keep it alive," the developer announced three minutes before a hot fix on Monday. "At least one of you should stay at Fortuna 69 while everyone is down." As soon as people with the return patch, who was keeping Fortuna 69 around can safely repair hot.Just in your hand, Fortuna 69 will continue to live – which is true in many ways since it is likely that only your hand Because every kind of 69 will live on. "

Amazing, right? Warframe Really is a game about people coming together. Here's hoping the players can keep Fortuna 69 going until it's 69 days. now Because It would be nice.

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