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Why did Demi Lovato not get an invitation to Nick and Vanas and the wedding of Priyanka and Pera?

Nick Vanas and Demi Lovato Picture of Fraser Harrison / Getty Images for GLAAD

Demi Lovato and Nick & Nas were close friends dating back to Disney. They worked together, went on many tours, and even enjoy making fun of each other like BFFs do.

So what exactly happened in the last few months that caused Venus to not invite Lubato to his wedding?

After many years as friends, it seems like a friendship that may be coming to an end.

Nick & Natas married last month

The humming around Nick and Vanas and his marriage to the actress Priyanka and Pera are still talking about the city.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Vanas Photo: Ed Hossein / AFP / Getty Images

The two exchanged a wedding during a fine wedding ceremony in India. Fans still can not get the 75-foot veil, seven-layer wedding cake, beautiful clothes, and multiple ceremonies.

As the two were happily enjoying their wedding festivities along with close relatives and friends, many wondered why Jannas, Long time BFF Demi Lovato was not present?

Demi Lovato was hurt after she was not invited

According to us magazine, Lovato "was very upset" and the source reveals that Nick does not invite her to his wedding "broke her heart."

Many wonder if Luvato's last dose of drugs was related to her lack of invitation?

A month before Nick Jones said his "Doso" to the Priyanka Chopra during the five days of glory, Demi Lovato tested herself out of rehab. Many have said that the singer has been doing very well in her drug overdose a few months earlier.

Only last summer, Demi Lovato tested herself for a long-term stay in the hospital because of an almost fatal overdose of drugs that occurred on July 24. Jannas was there to show his support for his friend during this difficult time, after learning about Lubato's overdose.

Nick and Nase might not have been wrong for not inviting Demi Lovato to his wedding. After showing his support for his friend after her overdose, Lovato went and unfollowed him along with many other famous friends she was close to.

To Jonas, it seemed to him that the best way for his friend to recover was for her to focus only on herself and on creation again.

After Lobato retired, and Nas, their friendship seemed to be heading south, and they would no longer be as close friends as they used to be.

Nick Vanas and Demi Lovato have a long history

After the meeting on the set of camp Rock In 2008, Nick & Nase and Demi Lovato became fast friends.

During the days of the Disney Channel, Lovato had a special relationship with the youngest Brewer, even when she went out with Giannos and the two singers could no longer be separated.

& # 39; & # 39; Honda Civic & # 39; With Demi Lovato and Nick Goes: The Future Now Photo: Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

In 2016, Demi Lovato Nick Nick and Vanas title are the first tour, A future tour now.

Lovato wishes her friend the best

After all the drama around Demi Lovato and the friendship of Nick & Vanas, sources have revealed that the song still wants the best for Jannas and his wife.

Although it was sad that Demi Lovato was not included in one of the most talked about talk of the year, let's hope it does not put an absolute strain on their relationship.

Both singers still do not comment on the whole situation, but we can hope that they are able to rekindle their companies in the near future.

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