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Why was Prince Philip worshiped by a tribe in the quiet nation of Vanuatu?

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Prince Philip is definitely a colorful figure and over the years has become one of the most beloved members of the royal family. You may have heard of Queen Elizabeth II's husband these days and how he is a favorite of the hands among the palace people, but did you know that he really is a fan by a tribe in the South Pacific? Yes, Her Majesty's husband was worshiped by the inhabitants of the southern village of Tana in Vanuatu.

Here's more about the tribe's beliefs about the Duke of Edinburgh and why those who work for him in the palace are so similar.

Palace employees love Prince Philip

According to Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip in the Netflix series Crown, The duke is by far the most beloved among the people of the palace.

"All the research I did found him to be incredibly funny, very clever, very popular, and the royal house is the most popular," Smith said. "If you talked to any of the teams, Phillip is one they really love."

Smith added that "the royal protocol did not push him in the same way throughout his life, and he has a kind of rebellion and discomfort and dampness, and I think he is kind and open to all the accounts with the team.

Why the clan Vanuatu admires him

Well, the popularity of Prince Philip extends much further south than London as a tribe in the Pacific island area of ​​Vanuatu believe he is God.

Yes, that's true. Movement of Prince Philip A religious sect followed by the Kastum people in the village of Yochanan. The legend has it The prince was born to fulfill an ancient prophecy as the son of an ancient mountain wind which someday would take the form of a fair skinned man, travel abroad, marry a strong woman, and eventually return to the island with his wife.

When the royal family visited Vanuatu in 1974 as part of a community tour, those who watched the honor given by Queen Elizabeth II by the colonial officials became convinced that her husband was the man mentioned in the legend.

Chuck Naivah, a respectable warrior in culture, greeted their royal yacht and saw Phillip on deck. "I saw him standing on deck in his white uniform," said Naive. "Then I knew he was the real Messiah."

The villagers even corresponded with Buckingham Palace and sent Phillip a gift from the traditional pig slaughter club called Nal-El. At their request, the Prince sent a photograph of himself with the club.

"For them Philip is Taboo man – Human but with qualities and powers that make him a saint, "said British author Matthew Beilis, who spent some time with the villagers.

Prince Charles visited the island where his father is revered in 2018 but People Kastum They were not too familiar with him, because he did not fit their legend. As for the father of Charles though, the villagers believe that even in his advanced age Prince Philip will one day return to their island.

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