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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Kurt Angle Home Events, New Crown Champions, Rhonda Rousey, More


Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Monday Night RAW Displays the party. The show's evening comes from Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

– Tonight WWE RAW opens live on tape in Manchester, England as Michael Cole welcomes us. Renee Young and Corrie Graves joined him.

– All RAW staff is on stage. Security keeps the ring. Acting RAW CEO Baron Corbin comes out as JoJo makes the intro.Col leads us to a video package with highlights from WWE the jewel in the crown And the new WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesner win over Brown and Strawman, thanks to Corbin.

Corbin congratulates us on RAW and mention a security need that is so high in profile. Corbin hypes WWE Survival Series As once a year in which RAW and SmackDown go head-to-head. Corbin captures Larsner's controlling performance of Strauman and his own Survival Series Match with WWE Champion AJ Styles. He also pinned champion women champion Ronda Rossi in contrast to women's champion SmackDown in Becky Linz plus 5 traditional 5-by-5 ​​elimination matches. Each match is an opportunity for RAW to show that it is excellent. Corbin says that they also have a score to settle after SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon has stolen the best title in the world from RAW and Siegler leaking. Corbin says the Geological Commission, Stephanie McMahon, will handle next week. Corbin says RAW will rule on Survival Series And when they do, he will go from a GM full-time GM. Corbin has chosen himself as the team captain for the men's team because he is what they need. Corbin says his administrative duties will not allow him to compete in the game, so he will form the most dominant team possible. He announces Ziegler and Drew McIntyre as the first two friends. Strawman is also in the group.

Corbin says Struman may be angry at him, but he will understand that Carbin only taught him a lesson at Crown Johnson. Corbin once says that Strawman understands that he must respect the authority, he will be a member of the team they need in a survival series. As for the women's team, he needed a woman with great talent, so it would be Captain Alexa Bliss's team to choose the friends. The musical and happy hits march from the back, just beyond Natalia and Sascha Banks onstage. Banks main to the ring. Bliss thanks Corbin and calls him the future GM permanent. She talks about choosing a female RAW member and says she is a natural leader. She says she looks closely at the women's matches and she wants them to see that they have the killer instincts they need, because they will not miss the show, not on her watch. She says it all starts tonight with evolution rematch – Riot squad against Natalia, banks and Bailey. Corbin loves the way Bliss thinks. Bliss says she can get used to it. She is going to start the first game but the music interrupts and leaves the WWE Hall Famer Kurt Angle as "You suck!" Start humming. The angle says competitors in the World Cup lit a fire under him and wants to compete again in Survival Series Year after leading last year. Corbin says it was last year and he makes the decisions this year. Corbin wants an angle to take a regular vacation. Angle talks about how we decided things in the ring when he was around. He offers a match with Corbin tonight and if he wins, he will be captain of the team. Fans go wild. Angle Corbin calls embarrassment to RAW after he resists. Corbin gives him the game and says an angle will get what he wants if he wins but the only way he sees an angle goes Survival Series Is if he buys a ticket. The angle tells the only way Corbin goes Survival Series He is on crutches after he breaks his ankle. The angle of his leaves and music but Corbin requires cutting it. The "You Suck" chants start at Corbin.

Corbin says it's his show. Corbin demands that they honor Bliss as she is about to speak. Bliss goes to start the game again but the music interrupts and comes out of Brown. Strauman steps into the ring and begins to bring down the security team on her side. Corbin is waiting for the fight but he backs off when Brown enters the ring. Brown chases Corbin up the ramp and backs. He drops Mahal as he approaches. Stroman fights with the authors of pain, boarding and more on the ramp. Other superstars join the staff. Strauman breaks through and goes around the back looking for Corbin. Strawman tells the worker to tell Corbin he'll get those hands tonight. We go to a commercial as Strawman continues to look for Corbin.

– Back from the break and Charly Caruso is with Natalia, Sasha Banks behind the scenes in Bayley. They believe that tonight's game will show them get the same victory as the WWE Evolution. Natalia devotes the game to her father, at the end of the WWE legend "The Anvil" Neidhart, and says she wears his spectacles to the ring for good luck.

Riot class against Sasha Banks, Bailey and Natalia

We're going to the ring and out the first comes Natalia. She wears the anvil glasses. Sasha Banks is next, followed by Bayley. Everyone turns to the ring. Next comes the REUT class – Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Robbie Riot.

The bell rings and a fight breaks out as a raid attack at the same time. Robbie misses Riot as the ring clears out but Natalia drops her into an early Sharpshooter. Liv Logan provide assists, allowing Robbie to turn him around 2 count. Natalia walks on the floor as Logan tags in. Logan is unloaded against the apron and sends Natalia into the barrier as the referee counts. Logan brings it back for 2 count. Lib arrives and ends up getting 2 count after a kick. Liv throws Natalia on the floor as we go commercial.

Back from the break and the heart keeps Natalia's control. Lib takes him into a corner and unloads as the referee warns her. Liv misses the corner but stops Natalia from turning the badge. Sasha gets the badge and other hot decks on the apron. Banks with dropkick to the core more offense. Banks with a blessing to the heart from the apron and double knees to Logan on the floor of the apron. The banks come back in and hit the double knees from the top line to the core. Banks with Backstabber into banks statement but Robbie runs inside and kicks her in the face.

Bailey works but Robbie sends her out of the ring. The REIT banks go for it now. Banks with a knee on the face. Bailey Badges and Nails A knee ran to Robbie in the corner. Banks track knees in the corner when they manage to double the Riot team. Bailey hits the turnbuckles but still throws Ryut into the apron and hang her on the other rope. Bailey runs the ropes and takes Liv and Logan on the floor with a dive. Robbie comes right up with STO to Bayley on the floor. Riot brings him back into the ring for 2 count on Bayley. Natalya rallied the audience for Bayley now.

Bayley counts suplex and rye rolls for 2 count. Riott immediately comes back to make it around 2 count. Riot keeps Bailey. Bailey seems to fight back but can not rotate him. Logan enters and continues the attack. Bailey fought up and out, but Logan launched her into the other rope-the first by her arm. Logan with another 2 count. Ruby shouts at Bailey to stay downstairs. Liv repeats and works on Bailey. Lib with dropkick for 2 count. Lib throws Bailey out of the ring when we return to trade.

Back from the break and Logan Bayley dropkicks for 2 count. Logan works over Bayley teasing her. Natalia and banks are trying to recruit the audience. Logan pushes the banks to the apron but Natalia avoids the shot. Natalia gets the hot tag, runs over Logan and knocks the others off the apron. Natalia with a German suffix to Logan. Logan elbows Natalia but Natalia counters and slams her first face for 2 count as Robbie breaks it. Banks runs in and takes Ruby but Liv takes her out. Natalia with lariat Lib. Natalia goes on a Sharpshooter on Logan and gets him locked from the middle of the ring. Ruby appears in a pair of Anaphyl sunglasses in her hands, threatening to break them. Natalia stares at her and lets go of the "Scharfshooter." Robbie breaks the glasses and Natalia gets emotional. The riot squad laughs and goes out together like admirers. Natalia cries and picks up the parts as Bayley Banks console her.

– Still come, angle against Corbin. Also, look at the DX vs. Brothers of Destruction from Crown Jewel.

– We see Brown Strauman behind the scenes looking for Baron Corbin. Back to trading.

Apollo team against Jander Mahal

Back from the break in and out comes Jander Mahal with Sunil Singh. Cole leads us to highlights from Triple H and WWE Hall Famer Shawn Michaels to defeat Cain and the undertaker at Crown Jewel. Cole confirms the analysis of Triple H for tomorrow. Next comes the Apollo crews. We get a side video of the Crews, who says he will start stacking his victories tonight showing everyone why the human pulley is a highlight of the RAW.

The bell rings and they go to him. Jander takes control but Crews turns him around, despite Singh's intervention attempt. Cutters groans Crews over and covers for close to 2 count. Jander keeps teams grounded now. Crews fought and trades shots with Jander now. Jander will avoid throwing the ropes and rolls for 2 teams. The team returns with Enziguri. The team presses Jander and throws it away. Teams with moonsault standing pin forever.

Winner: The Apollo Team

– After the game, teams hits the corners to hit as his music hits. We're going to come back.

– We see Seth Rollins walking behind the scenes with the title WWE Intercontinental and both team titles and cell titles. Cole says there have been reports of Dean Ambrose being in the area today. We're going to trade.

– Back from the break and out comes WWE Intercontinental & RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins. He wears two belt belts. We see how Dean Ambrose operated Rawlins after winning the title on October 22.

Fans chanting "Burn It" as Rollins takes the microphone. Rollins says he planned to come out with three titles and a huge trophy but things are not going his way in the WWE World Cup. Rollins also knocks Baron Corbin for helping Brock Lesner return the WWE Universal title. He was shot when talking about how Roman Raines fought to take the title to Lesner and with all he was fighting now, what Corbin did was a slap in the face at Reines. Fans chanting "Roman" now. Rollins says it was a slap in the face for everyone, including fans. Rollins says he will tell Lesner's face but he is not here tonight. Shock, says Rollins. Rollins says one person is here tonight-Dean Ambrose. Rollins says the defender was on top of the world just a few weeks ago. Rollins had tried to get Ambrose to come to talk to him like a man, but he would not, and Rawlins would not waste our time trying again. He is here tonight because of the roughness of the rough teams.

It sounds like Rollins is about to give up headlines but Corbin interrupts from the big screen, talking behind the scenes. Corbin says Rollins and his partner will have to defend the titles now. Against these guys … the music hits out of Pain's authors, Akam and Rezar, with the WWE Live General Manager Drake Maverick.

2 on 1 Disability Match for Team Tag RAW Titles: Pain Connectors Against Seth Rollins

The pain authors hit the ring with Maverick as the bell rang JoJo making the introductions.

Akam starts walking with Rollins. Rollins soon fights both but the double team is too much like the Rollins levels with a clothesline. Reese speaks a little junk while Rollins is down. We're going to trade.

Back from the paragraph and Akam covers Rollins for 2 count. Akam keeps the control and rolling area in the middle of the ring. Rollins breaks it up with a jawbreaker. Akam whips Rollins hard in the corner and he goes down. Rollins kicks out at 2. Rezar goes back inside and keeps the Rollins down. Akam tags back and they go on a double team but Rollins blocks him with his boots. Rollins laundry rope Rezar over the top on the floor. Rollins is unloading on Akam now.

Rollins nails a suicide dive on the Reiser on the floor. Akam is sent through the ropes now. Rollins runs the ropes again and diving nails suicide on the two opponents, taking them to the floor. Fans chanting "Burn it!" As Rollins brings Akam back in. Rollins jumps in and takes him down. Rezar is in the ring now but Rollins drops it with the Slingblade. Rollins with Blockbuster on Akam but he kicks out at 2. Drake calls AOP on as Rollins struggles to get to his feet first. Rollins cranks for Stomp as fans chant "Burn It!" again.

Rollins kicks Akam but Drake gets on the apron to distract the referee, allowing Reiser to get involved. They are a double team Rollins but he fights both with kicks on the face. Rollins drops Rezar with a kick going up. Rollins nails on Frogsplash on Rezar for close to 2 count. Rollins drops Akam from the apron. Rezar blocks stomp and powerbomb nails. Akam tags for dual team prom – integrated powerbomb. Rezar makes the pin to win titles.

Winners and the New Cup Tag Champions Team: Authors of Pain

– After the game, Drake hits the ring to celebrate with Akam and Rezar as they handed over the titles. They leave the music pausing and we see Dean Ambrose come through the crowd. Ambrose slowly enters the arena as "sold off!" Start humming. Ambrose falls down to greet one in front of Rollins and takes a microphone. "You want to know why I did what I did?" Ambrose stands up as Rollins asks why. Ambrose decks it and drop it with dirty acts like boo fans. Ambrose walks to the ramp and stops at the top as Rollins recovers on the mat. Ambrose continues to walk backwards. Cole asks Renee if she can shed light on what's going on and she says she tried to talk to him about it but there's no reason for him there now. We see struggling Rollins get up on their feet like "burn it!" Calls continue.

– We get a look back at Becky Lynch's promo on Ronda Rousey from SmackDown last week. Unnamed: Still coming tonight, Rosey will respond. Back to trading.

– We are looking at how Brown and Stroman destroyed security and trying to get to Baron Corbin earlier in the evening. Corbin is behind the scenes with Charlie Caruso now. She asks if he is afraid of the consequences he will face if Struman catches him. Corbin says he is not running and he is not afraid of Sturman. Corbin will be there if Strawman wants a match but Strawman wants to destroy him, not wrestle, and he does not let it happen. Caruso discovers that Corbin has set up a shift studio in the warehouse for this interview. Corbin says she just told the world where he is. Stroman appears and takes more members of the security team as Corbin retreats to safety. Struman goes out to look for Corbin.

– We go to the arena and leaves Dolf Ziegler.

Ziegler says that Wayne McMahon is not the best in the world, despite the WWE World Cup tournament. Ziegler says we look at the best in the world. He continues to demonstrate how he controls again and proves that he is the best but what happened? Conspiracy came in. He talks about how Drew McIntyre got out of the ring, how a SmackDown judge allowed Maze to attack him from behind and how Shane got back to a tournament he was not even in… Ziegler is interrupted by the sound of Elias's guitar.

Elias begins to play under the spotlight as the arena rages for him. Elias says the audience's response is the honor he deserves. Elias turns to Ziegler's complaints, and he is about to sum it up quickly – Ziegler is a loser. Elias mentions Oasis and how the Gallagists said they would unite because of his song. Ziegler interrupts but Elias tells him to shut up and let him sing. Elias performs his last song and takes shots at Ziggler with the lyrics. Ziegler challenges Elias to come and say it in his face and here he comes as the crowd jumps. We go to trade as Elias goes to the ring.

– Back from the break and we get a quick look at the party house Lucha. We cut a promo behind the scenes from the resurrection, which knocks the Lucha party house to bring kicks & flips to RAW. They say the RAW tag division team has no place for the losing house party and they will send them back Live Where they belong.

Dolf Ziegler against Elias

We're going to the ring and this match begins. Back and forth to begin. Ziegler connects with a dropkick and speaks a little garbage. Elias turns him around Ziegler drops with an elbow for Count 2. Elias takes Ziegler back to the mat and leaves it grounded.

Ziegler turns it around with a cheap corner from the corner. Ziggler with breaking for 2 count. Ziegler leaves Elias with body makers now. They get a little more complicated on the mat. Ziegler with strikes after they work on their feet. Elias with a mole kick from the corner. Elias goes upstairs and goes on a big elbow drop but Ziegler rolls off the road. The two men are down as we go commercial.

Back from the break and Ziegler has Elias down in the middle of the ring. They fight until Elias blocks a stroke with backslide for 2 count. Ziggler with uppercut and other pin-experience 2. Ziegler talks a bit of crap and pushes Elias around. Elias confronts Ziegler and swallows him. Ziegler fought back and stepped on the knee. Ziegler waves Elias's face across the top rope as the judge warns him. Ziegler with shots in the corner now. Elias fought from the corner and Ziegler fought back. Ziegler with a sleeve.

Ziegler stands over Elias and shows how many. Ziegler casts an elbow on his chest to count 2. Ziegler saves Elias docked in another humility, telling the judge to ask him if he will stop. They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Elias throws Ziegler with a shoulder. Elias was unloaded with Stomps in the corner. Elias is in control, but Ziegler misses the counter after an electric chair and they get tangled back and forth. Elias throws Ziegler with knee jumping for 2 count. Ziegler counts a move but misses. Elias counters and nails the powerbomb sitdown for close to 2 count. They get up and trade more strikes. Ziegler unloads and rolls Elias into two counts. Elias blocks Zig Zag. Ziegler dodges the knee and hits Zig Zag for close to 2 count as Elias gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Ziegler argues with the judge about counting as admirers. Ziggler shows frustration as the rally crowd for Elias. Elias grabs Ziggler and nails drift away forever.

Winner: Elias

– After the game, Elias stands tall and has his arm raised as the music hits. We're going to come back as Ziegler watches Elias make his exit.

– Still to come, Ronday Ronda will take care of her Survival Series rival. Back to trading.

– Charlie Caruso is backstage with Kurt Engel to talk about the game tonight with Baron Corbin. Angle says he knows Corbin's weaknesses and he knows how to beat him.

– We're going into the arena and out comes the Champion Women Champion Ronda Rousey as her hype announcers Survival Series Match with women's champion SmackDown Becky Linz.

Fans sing Rossi's name before she takes the microphone. Rhonda shows how Becky said she would tear her arm to Survivor. Rhonda gives Becky some accessories and fans to sing her name briefly. Russian praises Becky for her appearance on the WWE evolution And says Becky has respect, but Becky is better not to confuse her honor with weakness. Rosie says she's the last woman Becky wants to belittle. Rhonda beats Becky for going to college. And to be a stewardess. Rossi says she likes the new Becky and the new approach, but it will take much more than a new approach to beating her. Rossi says she's a naturally born murderer, and in two weeks she wants Becky to bring all her shock, her wrath, her bent resentment, all she has because Rhonda wants a challenge. Becky may have said she was the man but Rhonda is the best evil in — on the planet, she says. Rouse drops its microphone bands.

Rousey is about to leave the ring when the music of Nia Jax interrupts and she comes. Jax says Rhonda is fired and all made her go behind. Gess says Survival Series She's like evolution, she fights all over the dressing room, not just herself. X knows Rhonda will not let them down, but after she gets to Becky, she'll wait for her. Champion. They look at each other and Rosie laughs. The music stops going out Amber Moon to the ring. Cole leads us to a video package in the new WWE partnership with Girl Up.

Nia Cs Against Amber Moon /

We return from the video like Nia X and Amber Moon to stare at each other in the ring. Back to trading.

Back from the break and we get the bell. They go on this moon and seem to go up the offense. A simple ex throws her out of the ring. Gets returns him to the ring, but moon kicks nail. More and more, when he started he looked like he was raising some momentum. X grabs her in the middle of a cross to rotate her. Ex controls the moon now and launches it across the ring. Jax works over the moon while it is down and covers for 2 count. Jax knots moon up and presents now, telling the judge to ask her if she is leaving. The moon begins to wane in the grip.

Moon finally fought out ducks and clothesline. Jess overbowers but Moon kicks her several times. Jax drives a moon on a mat to cut it. X Scopes Moon and sends her face – first into the top turn. X levels moon again and runs the ropes for a big leg drop but the moon rolls off the road. X gets up first but Moon kicks her in the head. Moon with another count and more strikes when she makes a comeback. Moonboard springboard with crossbody for 2 count as Jax powers up. Moon shouts out Jax rocks with great truth. Jax still kicks out at 2, sending the moon flying across the ring with a kick out.

Ex pushes the moon into a corner, but misses the current when the moon gets away from the road. ירח הולך על טורנדו DDT אבל Jax חוסם אותו. ירח עם אנזיגורי אבל ג'אקס עדיין עומד. Jax תופס ירח עם טיפה Samoan על הסיכה כדי לנצח.

זוכה: ניה ג'קס

– לאחר המשחק, ג'אקס מתאוששת ומרימה את זרועותיה עד שהמוזיקה קוטעת ומגיעה, מגיע טאמינה סנוקה. טאמינה צועדת אל הטבעת כמו שעונים ג'אקס. הם מביטים זה בזה, עומדים על הירח. טאמינה מביטה מטה אל הירח, וכך גם ג'אקס. טאמינה תופס ירח וציפורניים טיפה סמואית, ממש מול Jax. כמה אוהדים boo. ג'אקס נראית מבולבלת, אבל היא אומרת לטאמינה להפוך את ירח. טאמינה הופכת את ירח לתוך סרטן בוסטון. Jax מתחיל להפיל מרפק על הירח כמו מעריצים boo. ג'קס טיפות עוד ירייה גדולה לירח בעוד סנוקה שומר אותה למטה. ג'אקס וטאמינה מחבקים באמצע הטבעת ומרימים את זרועותיהם כשמוזיקה של ג'אקס פוגעת. סנוקה וג'אקס יוצאים יחד.

– Kayla Braxton הוא מאחורי הקלעים עם פין Balor. Balor אומר בובי לאשלי הוא האיש החזק ביותר נפץ הוא היה בזירה עם והוא מקבל אינטנסיבי יותר מדי שבוע. Balor קורא ליו למהר קצת runt כאשר מתייחסים ההתערבות האחרונות שלו. Balor אומר מנצ'סטר הייתה עיר מחולקת אבל הערב הוא מועדון Balor מועדון Balor הוא עבור כולם. בלור הוא כל חיוכים כשהוא הולך. עדיין לבוא, לאשלי נגד Balor. חזרה למסחר.

– חזרה מההפסקה ואת הקריינים hype ורסלמניה 35 חבילות נסיעות, על מכירה עכשיו.

– Charly Caruso תופס עם הברון קורבין מאחורי הקלעים והוא מאשים אותה על איך בראון סטרומן ממשיך למצוא אותו. קורבין אומר שיש לו מינוי חירום הלילה ולא יהיה מול קורט אנגל. Drew McIntyre הוא תחליף. קורבין קופץ במכונית ונסע מיד כמו סטרומן רץ פנימה כדי לנסות לתפוס אותו. קורבין במהירויות.

בובי לאשלי מול פין בלור

אנחנו הולכים לזירה ויוצא בובי לאשלי עם ליו ראש, שלא מדבר על מיקרופון עדיין. הם נכנסים לטבעת ועומסים לוקח את המיקרופון. למהר משבח לאשלי ולוקח זריקה לעבר מנצ'סטר. העומס נמשך על הגוף של לאשלי. כמה אוהדים מזמרים "משעמם!" ו Rush אומר להם להתגבר על זה. העומס אומר שהקהל גרם לאשלי נסער ועכשיו הוא ייקח את זה על פין Balor. המוסיקה של בלור פוגעת, והוא מגיע. בלור עושה את הכניסה שלו ואנחנו חוזרים למסחר.

חזרה מן ההפסקה ואת המשחק מתחיל. לאשלי overpowers ו לוקח שליטה על הדקות הראשונות. לאשלי עם סופלקס גדול לספירה 2. Balor נלחם בחזרה אבל לאשלי בועט לו במעיים. Balor שולח לאשלי מתוך הטבעת עם dropkick. Balor מפעילה את החבלים לצלול אבל העומס מטייל אותו כדי boos. Lashley mounts Balor עם הידיים הימנית עבור 2 לספור. לאשלי שומר על בלור מקורקע עכשיו כשחיוך מחייך.

Lashley סמכויות מן להחזיק את טרי בלור עבור 2 לספור. לשלי שומר על בלור מקורקע באמצע הטבעת. לאשלי עם שבירת נשימות עבור עוד סיכה קרוב ניסיון. לשלי שומר בלור למטה בפינה כמו ספירת השופט. העומס נובח הזמנות מ ringide אבל הוא כבר לא להשתמש במיקרופון כמו בשבועות הקודמים. Balor נראה עכשיו לעלות. Balor לחמניות לאשלי עד 2 לספור. Balor שומר את השליטה ואת הציפורניים כפול stomp כמו אוהדים לעודד אותו. Balor עם חתיכה גדולה בפינה. לאשלי תופס בלור על הכתף שלו אבל הוא מחליק החוצה פוגע סלינגפלייד עבור פופ.

החיובים Balor עבור dropkick בפינה אבל לאשלי מתפוצץ החוצה עם חבל כביסה גדול. לאשלי גובה בפינה אבל בלור זז. לשלי מוריד את בלור מהסינר. בלור יורד עכשיו על הסינר. לאשלי מחזירה את בלור מהסינר ומחזיקה אותו גבוה באוויר לפני שהורידה אותו. Balor בעיטות החוצה לעבר 2. Lashley נראה קצת מתוסכל עכשיו. Balor עם מונה עבור 2 לספור. Balor טיפות לאשלי בפינה והולך לפסגה. העומס פועל הפרעה מן הסינר. Balor חוזר לראש אבל צריך לגלגל כמו לאשלי קם. Balor שולח Lashley מחוץ לזירה. Balor מוציא את העומס על הטבעת בשביל פופ. Balor חיובים כדי dropkick למהר לתוך המכשול אבל לשלי לוקח אותו באוויר. לאשלי מחזיר את בלור חזרה לזירה ומכה את המפרצון הראשון לתוך המחצלת בשביל הסיכה.

זוכה: בובי לאשלי

– אחרי המשחק, Lashley עומד גבוה מעל Balor כמו להיטים מוסיקה. העומס נכנס לטבעת כדי לעמוד אתו. המוזיקה מפסיקה לצאת דרו מקיינטייר לפופ. דרו צועד אל הטבעת ומביט כולם למטה. לאשלי צופה בדרו נכנס לזירה. דרו נכנס ומביט היישר אל לאשלי, חודר אל פניו ומעיז להתנדנד. לשלי נסוג ויוצא מהזירה עם העומס. דרו צופה לאשלי לעזוב ואז פונה אל בלור כדי לעזור לו מן המחצלת. אוהדים לעודד. דרו מסתובב ובוהה בבלור, ואז דוחף אותו לתוך החבלים כדי לרמות אותו עם בעיטת קליימור. דרו עומד מעל Balor כמו המוזיקה שלו מתחיל לגבות. דרו עומד גבוה כשאנחנו חוזרים למסחר.

קורט אנגל נגד דרו מקיינטייר

חזרה מן ההפסקה ואת דרו נראה על כמו WWE הול Famer קורט אנגל עושה את דרכו החוצה, מחפש להיות קפטן צוות של גברים סדרת הישרדות צוות. זווית ההתקפות מוקדם להתחיל אבל השופט משחזר סדר ואנחנו מקבלים את הפעמון.

הם הולכים על זה ומסחר יריות. דרו מסובב אותו ומתחבר עם ראש נוקשה. מקינטייר פורק עכשיו בפינה. זורק טיפות זווית שוב ועובד על הזרוע תוך שמירה על מקורקע באמצע הטבעת. אוהדים מנסים להתאסף על זווית כשהוא נאבק מכפות רגליו. זוויות סלעים משכה אבל דרו משליך אותו עם מרפק בניסיון סיכה מהירה. צייר עם מעיל כמו מעריצים זמרים עבור זווית. דרו חוזר לעבוד על הזרוע.

צייר עם פיסה גדולה בפינה. זווית חוזר ומכה את זווית הזווית משום מקום. זווית נראה לנצל, אבל דרו מתגלגל מתוך הטבעת עבור מנוחה. אנחנו חוזרים למסחר.

חזרה מן ההפסקה ו Drew מסמרים שרוול עבור ספירה 2. אנו רואים כיצד שלחה דרו את זווית אל מדרגות הפלדה במהלך ההפסקה. צייר עם סופלקס ועבירה רבה יותר כשהוא שומר על זווית. זווית נלחם מתוך אחיזה אבל דרו תופס אותו בזריקה בטן עד בטן עבור ספירה 2. משחרר את המטען בפינה ומכה את'האנגל' כשהשופט מזהיר אותו. דרו לוקח זווית לאחור על ידי הזרוע ושומר אותו שם כמו אוהדים מנסים להתכנס.

זווית נלחמת שוב ושוב, אבל דרו סקופ אותו. זווית מחליקה החוצה ופוגעת בסופלקס גרמני. זווית שומרת אותו על שני גרמנים נוספים. זווית טיפות הרצועות עבור פופ. זווית הולך עוד זווית סלאם אבל Drew בסופו של דבר להכות בעיטת קליימור גדולה. דרו מביט בזווית בזמן שהוא יורד. זווית מנסה כוח כפי Drew שיחות זבל, לעג לו. אוהדים מזמרים עבור זווית. הוא הולך על הרגל אבל נראה המום וממנו זה כמו דרו רק לוקח אותו בחזרה למטה. זוויות מאבק על שתי הברכיים עכשיו כמו דרו מציע לו את הרגל שלו, לעג לו. זווית הולכת על הרגל אבל דרו מתנגד. דרו מושך אותו בחזרה על גבו. זווית נראה להיות רגשית כמו דרו רק צוחק.

שיחות קצרות זווית פחדן ומבוכה לעצמו, למשפחתו. דרו תופס זווית על הפנים וממשיך לשים אותו עם עלבונות. זוויות יורה ותופס את הרגל, הולך על מנעול הקרסול. זווית מקבל אותו מוחל באמצע הטבעת. הוציא כוחות החוצה ובעיטות בזווית, אבל לופת את רגלו בכאב. צייר כוחות עם המהלך של זווית, זווית הזווית. דרו משתמש אחר זווית להעביר עכשיו ומפעיל את הקרסול לנעול. זווית סוף סוף taps החוצה עבור הסיום.

זוכה: דרו מקיינטייר

– אחרי הפעמון, דרו שומר את נעל הקרסול על מקומו למשך כמה שניות נוספות, כפי שהשופט מזהיר אותו. דרו עומד גבוה כמו המוסיקה שלו מנגן ואנחנו הולכים חוזר. זווית עדיין למטה על מחצלת כמו דרו התגרויות & צוחק עוד קצת בדרכו החוצה של הטבעת. כמה אוהדים boo כמו McIntyre צועד במעלה הרמפה. RAW יוצא מהאוויר עם זווית חוזר על רגליו בזירה כמו דרו מסתכל על הבמה.

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