Friday , February 22 2019
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The magic is beautiful and full of energy, doctors and couples enjoy poetry and painting Traditional Culture Canopy Classic Dance

The first performance of the ShenYunInternational ensemble after the first appearance at the Coliseum Theater in Brive-Treuve[ההופעההיתהמזעזעתמאודזוהפעםהראשונהשראינומופעכזה”סטפןטרוילרהתבונןעםאשתולורנסטרוילרבערבה-21בפברואר2019הופעהראשונהשללהקת”ShenYunInternational”לאחרההופעההראשונהבתיאטרון”להקוליס”ברובייצרפת Troller is a naturopathic doctor, and his wife Lawrence is a spiritual practitioner. Both have …

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