Friday , May 7 2021

53% in advance presents the flu vaccination campaign

  • The Health Authority reinforced the call for vaccination in people over the age of 65, as only 44.5% of them were immunized.

This Saturday, as part of America's week of vaccinations, a special anti-flu vaccine is being launched in the San Juan area of ​​Kokimbo. The purpose of the activity was to immunize those who did not have time during the week to move to the health centers.

"On the national level, the campaign covers the campaign with 55.4% and the region with 53%, therefore, we are doing well so far, but again it is calling on the community to protect itself from this important infection like the flu." SEREMI's health Alejandro García noted.

As for the coverage of objective groups, pregnant women show a progression of 53.2%, children under the age of 6 52.1% and adults have the lowest adherence. "The special call is to vaccinate the elderly, because only 44.5 percent of them are vaccinated, the message is to be protected and go to the vaccines of their nearest health centers."

Finally, Sarmie Garcia reinforced the message of relying on vaccines to protect the community in America's vaccine "so as not to spread or spread other infections, so this week we are strengthening the immune system against influenza and measles." he mentioned

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