Thursday , May 13 2021

A mishap caused by Aída Nizar and it went to the eye "Resistiré"

The scene was aired during the final episode on Thursday, but did not last for more than a second, so not everyone was able to spot a problem the Spaniards had in the midst of a dynamic with their teammates.

It all started when Yan Yavin came to the house where the houses "Resistiré" participants offer them to cook corneto. But as expected, not everyone can enjoy the food.

To choose which group you will be able to keep it, is that the blues and orange trees had to face competition where they had to go from mouth to mouth and all the seafood that was in the box.

It was in the middle of it, when Aida Nizar, following the loose dress she brought, did not realize that one of her breasts was exposed to the cameras. The image was taken out by a megabyte, but ended up disappearing, although some social networks were able to see what had happened.

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