Saturday , March 6 2021

Advanced “Choose to Live Healthy” centers and online sports continue into the summer

The Ministry of Sports and the National Institute of Sports are determined to improve and create new spaces for the community. A few months ago it was the Minister of Sports herself, Cecilia Perez, who announced that the O’Higgins area had been given three healthy polling stations. “We must democratize access to public spaces,” the foreign minister said.

The first of which will be located in the eastern part of Rancagua and is suitable for the first Olympic temperate pool for the regional capital. The joint funding, between the Ministry of Sports (51%) and the Regional Council (49%), amounts to 4,933 million pesos and the works should start in the first semester of the current year. “Right now we are waiting to start the bidding process because we have already received the first money transfer,” says Rancagua Mayor Eduardo Soto.

In Santa Cruz, a select healthy living center will be established, a model of a sports center, which, as noted by the municipal authorities, will find in the park its faces and solve the problems of access to a large community, craving for physical activity. “The sums being spent here to build the plant exceed $ 4,300 million pesos. At this point, like Rancagua, they will soon begin the proposal and a few weeks ago the city council, headed by Mayor William Arbalo, approved the land target to begin construction,” says Sermi Delport, Diego Ramirez.


Online sports workshops

Finally, Picchilmo’s commune will also receive a healthy living center, a sports model inside the Mariano Polanco Glarza Stadium. Sermi del Port stated that, “This municipality is waiting for the RS, which has been awarded by the Ministry of Social Development to immediately activate the transfer of resources, amounting to about $ 4 billion pesos.

Sport is an investment

Sports Secretary Anders Otro explained in a recent visit to the region that “for President Finira and his government, sport is an investment, it will never be an expense. It includes physical and mental health, well-being, joy and learning in a Chilean society that is moving more. We will continue to work to reach “To this end, 5 million Chileans are active in sports by 2022. There is a lot to do, but these constructions are the steps that must be taken to reach it.”

Online sports workshops are massively copied

It has been running for three months and the response from the community has far exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Two initiatives by Mindep and IND, sought to promote, sportingly, physical activity and sports. “Online Sports Workshops” and “Online Sports Meetings” have reached the heart of the platforms and have become the most interesting and participatory offer in times of epidemic.

As for the first, the funding comes from the regional council, which injected 200 million pesos to hire 198 teachers in the area and its work will continue until March. In the latter case, they were created by the Kresser program to Mobiminto and were present throughout the month of December 2020.

“The goal is to continue this type of activity, because we do not know how the health crisis will develop. We have already thought and shaped some ideas on this matter that we will announce soon,” concluded Sermi Ramirez.

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