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All details of the Wick John event at Fortnite –


We get interesting news Portnit. These focus on new related collaboration John Wick, Currently available in the game.

Lionsgate and Epic Games have confirmed that you can already participate in it New limited time mode, Where we can get rewards and articles for many topics. We leave you with The shared message and the trailerYou

Tic Tac, Mr. Vic.

The top table opened a new contract. It will be up to you to collect the prize. Keep alive and try to eliminate the other heads hunters and collect their golden chips. Win the first that comes from the ordered number, but be careful that the more you get, the more desirable it will be for the rest.

MTL Test: Pay now's rewards and complete the challenges to win free rewards, which include the backpacker goldfish backpack accessory, the glider hang Monodispair, the man jacket and the PE bonus before the end of the event. If you are curious about the specifics of MTL, you can go around the correction comments and read the full description.

Everyone wants Vic and now you can have it. Stop at the store and get the set of Vic Vic, which includes the John Wick suit and the Maza Meruerza bill.

Actions have implications. This is your chance to come face-to-face with the best hunters in the world!

You want more Wick?

Fans of John Wick can also pre-order the John Wick Hex, a new action-focused strategy game from Bethell Games, today at Epic Games Store. John Wick Hex will be available on this computer in the fall, visit Epic Games Store at home for more information.

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