Legends, The main rival of Portnit Today, it has already been available week and its numbers have not stopped growing exponentially. Respawn Entertainment recently confirmed that video game Has reached 25 million players since its launch, An impressive achievement that cleans any doubt about its success. The ad was accompanied by a video showing YouTube's best moments:

Just four days ago we informed you that it exceeded 10 million users, so its growth rate is enviable for many games that keep trying to overshadow the title of epic games. Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn, has revealed on Twitter his account for this 2 million people remained connected at the same time The first week.

The manager added: What a week! Since the launch of Apex Legends on Monday last week, we have seen the establishment of a community that is excited, thriving and full of comments and ideas. Our goal is to create this game with you, our community, then keep giving us your notes that we are really listening to. "

To better understand the common characters we can compare it with himself Portnit. King of Royal Battle reached 45 million players in his first four months. Yes Legends He continues to conquer more people, probably breaking the first records of his competitor. Of course, this affects that is the work of unnecessary access and that exists in three platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Portnit It has reached its best moment when it landed on mobile devices. First on iOS, then on Android and the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, right now Respawn and electronic art have no plans to take their game to the phones. By the mechanics of Legends It's hard to imagine how this can be optimized for touch screen controls, this may not happen.