Thursday , July 29 2021

Arias is ready to play and discovered that Vidal is a happy fan: "That's why I gave him the shirt"

On his way through the Chilean team, Gabriel Arias created a friendship with Arturo Vidal. In fact, after the Asian tour of the Red, the doorman gave him on the wheel the goalkeeper of Jersey Club Racing De Ovalanda, It is that the Barcelona connection presented in his social networks.

After three months of this gesture, Arias said that he gave the former Bayern Munich outfit that it "Fan" Of the Academy in Argentina.

"Vidal told me that Argentina is a racing fan. That's why I gave him his shirt", Expressed the former goalie of La Union Calera to the Trans-Andi A racing todo program.

In addition, he referred to the recovery of the injury caused by Red's tour by North America:I went back to training and I feel very well. Almost as if he had not stopped playing, though of course, with no competition. I'm eager to play again, I'm excited, we're already superior to everyone and we want to be a champion"

Finally Arias said:The most beautiful thing that can happen to you is being a champion. That's why racing always remembers them so much. I hope we can get what the boys of 2001 could"

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