Monday , January 25 2021

Arley Méndez was voted the best of the 2018 Olympic Best Gala

With tears in his eyes he spoke to the press, with the weight of gravity Arly Mendes. Cuban nationalized athlete in Cuba, Was awarded by the Olympic Committee of Chile as the best athlete of the year at the 2018 Olympic gala, Held this Wednesday at the Casapiedra events center, in the Vitacura district.

Méndez was awarded the prize, Due to its World Championship achieved in the boot category, category 89 kg, of the World Weightlifting Championship held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Also, in May, He won a gold medal in the South American Games at the Bamba.

"I feel very happy, I can tell you, this is one of the best prizes and it's an honor to be handed over to me this year." One makes a lot of efforts during the season to get competitions to be excellent. , Give everything for Chile, get better recognition of the country in the field of sports, that I appreciated and gave this award something very big and makes me want to continue to fight "Said Mendez.

Luxurious guests

This gala also attended, prominent exponents of multiple disciplines, such as the winner of the previous year's best And the current National Sports Award, Maria Fernanda Valdés; Tennis player Nicholas J. Ari, golfer Wakin Neiman, gymnast Thomas Gonzalez, sportsman Isidore J. Yamenez, the Paralympic swimmer Alberto Abraza, Among many others.

They also participated in the committees of the Olympic Committee headed by the president of the organization. Miguel Angel Mujica And, the Minister of Sports, Pauline Cantor

Secretary of state, He said that the improvements at the National Stadium, in front of Pan American games of Santiago 2023, are a good advance and he also pointed out that reforms are being made to the Proderar scholarship, to apply until March., Regarding economic assistance to high-performance athletes.

Check out the list of winners of the 2018 Olympic Gala:

  • Sports Track Award: Angel Marantis (shot in flight)
  • Team Spirit Award Chile: Esteban Bustos (Modern Pentathlon)
  • Sports Promise Award: Robbie Burns (motorcycle), Isidore Niemeyer and Christina Huster (rowing), Martin Widara (cycling), women under 15 (basketball), Nicolas Diaz (Surf), Valentina Toro (Karate), Francisco Solis And the youth team of artistic gymnastics.
  • Award for Outstanding Actions 2018: Joaquin Neiman (golf), Nicholas Hari (tennis), Crystal Korrich (swimming) and Miranda Pele (marine skiing)
  • 2018 World Medalist Award: Claudio Romero, Antonia and Melita Abraham (rowing), Maria Z., and Ilioard (Kano), Camillo and Lozo (Karate), Pablo Quintanilla (motorcyclist), Javier Vergas (Skate Ron) Mendes (weight lifting).
  • Best Paralympic Sports Award: Alberto Abraza (swimming)
  • Best Sports Award of the Year: Arly Mendes (weight lifting)

In addition, the following acknowledgments were made:

  • Rowing federations, weightlifting and motorcycleling, To the world championships of its athletes
  • Recognition for coaches: Giorgi Punche (in weight lifting), Daniel Niggin (volleyball) and front bionido (rowing)

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