Monday , January 18 2021

Atlante Paranaense won her first Cup in South America thanks to the Curse of Jénérale in penalties

Atlantis Paranance won the SuperAmericana for the first time at the box office trTo win a notorious setting for penalties by 4-3 (1-1 in 120 minutes) to Junior's Barranquilla In the Arena de Baixada.

In the first match, the 1-1 draw, the same score as the season song and after 30 minutes of extension, was all set in the 12-step cards, where Tiburon Brancia suffered again with the curse of the 12-step shoot.

Curitiba started a better game and dominated the first few minutes. It was like that in 27 minutes Pablo Felipe set without a mark in a good collective game area and released the hustle and bustle of local fans.

After opening the account, Junior improved his game and promoted the ranks and achieved equality. 58 minutes, Tao Gutiérrez skewed with the ball header and partially cut 1-1.

After opening the account, the Colombian team dominated the actions and just "farreó" title, since he wasted at least four times to set the game in 90 minutes.

As if this were not enough, in the extension, the Catalan ruler, Roberto Tubar received a clear penalty from goalkeeper Santos against Gonzalez and the group, Rellen Barrera sent the ball to the clouds. As it did on the first leg, Jr. failed again in a penalty.

Back to top, a champ has been set out of the 12 steps Fuentes moved the cane and Gutierrez to the stands And a powerful execution of THiago Heleno with great power left Sebastien Viera without options and ruled the final 4-3 With Atlético Paranaense winning her first international degree.

It must be remembered that the connection now plays in his voice and voice, Esteban Paus, He played two games in the current edition of Sudamericana so he also won the Champion Medal.

A real party broke out at the Arena de Baixada after the title and now will play the Rufe against the River Plate.

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