Wednesday , August 4 2021

Attention travelers: Vaccinations against yellow fever has arrived and will be distributed to the National January

That's about it 48,000 doses of yellow fever vaccine Who arrived in Chile in the first week of January for vaccinations after being accredited by the Institute of Public Health (ISP).

At the international level, the deficit was marked for months, due to the increase in cases of this disease in Brazil, says La Tercera.

The vaccines will be distributed by Sanofi Pasteur Laboratory, according to Paula Daza, Public Health Secretary of the Ministry of Health. Therefore, they may be available during In the first half of January.

Daza estimates that these 48,000 doses should cover domestic demand for the summer season. In any case, the World Health Organization (WHO) has promised that Chile will be vaccinated over the next few months.

In this way, these tourists are traveling Brazil or African countries Aedes Aegypti, A mosquito that puts yellow fever, will be able to access those hours that were reserved in various health centers, such as the Clínica Las Pranks, which has been scheduled for 2,200 hours.

On the other hand, the German clinic announced that it would begin to schedule the vaccine after the doses were distributed.

Health authorities have called for vaccinations only for those who have traveled to countries where the disease is present, in order to prevent another deficit and / or collapse in vaccines. They emphasized it In Chile there is no yellow fever.

The recommendation is to be at least immune 10 days before the trip. Also, those vaccinated a year ago are still protected and there is no need to re-apply the dosage.

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