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Authorized release date of the last season of "Playing of Chairs" – Shows and culture


© YouTube Which release date of the last season of

They also revealed the latest progress of the final season of the series. Tvn


The wait was over, finally It was revealed how long fans will have to wait to see the end of the "game of chairs" series Because in 2019 will be its eighth and final season.

April of next year is the month that HBO announced on Tuesday Such as the premiere date of the anticipated series that returns the screen to Snow Snow and Dannery Targarin.

Together with the announcement of the premiere, the cable channel Has released the extended progress, It shows the most important figures and iconic scenes of production.

On time Does not display new images or gives lights on what will be the last shipment From the series starring Emilia Clark, Sophie Turner and Kate Harrington, This is the longest progress to date.

The only thing is clear that the characters will do "All on the throne. "

Check out the trailer below:

Reveal last last season in advance of "playing of chairs"

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