Tuesday , May 11 2021

Avon Neture Promotes Agreement to Acquire Avon Outside of North America Economy Business

According to sources of knowledge quoted in the Brazilian media value, Natura Cosmetics You would find yourself in close and close conversations to buy Avon Products, A company that operates Avon outside North America, suggesting that there will be a notice in the coming weeks. The Brazilian company limited itself to reporting, in a statement, that the talks were continuing, Reuters reported.

In this line, the latest sale of a North American unit made by Avon And the signature Cerberus Capital, This Thursday LG Household & Health Care worth $ 125. They will return the hairs On the Company's assets [Avon] In other areas. Netura also, after recent publications on the possible acquisition, has a 10% increase in its shares.

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Ober points to a market value of $ 84 million

Since the end of March, the Brazilian company filed a report to the regulator, where he confirmed reports of Wall Street, Noting that he was talking to his rival, about a "potential deal", although he did not give any further details.

The American media estimated that Natura's negotiations would not end with the purchase of its rival's assets, but also intended to open The case in New York.

In June 2017, Netura acquired control of Body Shop in the Body Shop. In a deal that valued the retail chain of personal care products at € 1,000 million, and both activities were formally incorporated in mid-April. This year

New industry challenges
In recent years, personal care trends have changed rapidly, which presents new challenges for the beauty industry. New companies, ranging from American brands Backed up By venture capital, Korean beauty companies, have achieved to decrease Market share of traditional brands in the industry.

Also, the two largest cosmetics companies in the world, L'Oreal and Estee Lauder, Managed to acquire important brands and therefore, attracting new young customers, Avon, for its part, was not successful.

In January, Avon surprised the industry by reporting 10 percent cuts in its global staff, and by 8 percent in 2018. In 2015, Avon also sold Cerberus Capital the majority of its operations in the US, and transferred its headquarters to London, claiming that the change would be positive to concentrate on international markets such as Brazil, where home sales are still operating.

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