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Bencinas record 11th rising prices: only falling liquid falls economy


The National Oil Company (ENAP) announced today (Thursday) the change in prices that will register the fuels tomorrow, the day it will be determined Eleven consecutive increase.

As reported in the statement, the base price of gasoline will increase by 5.8 pesos in its version 93 and 97 octane, Reaching $ 747.4 and $ 765.4 respectively.

God diesel, Meanwhile, will see a rise of 3.8 pesos per liter, reaching $ 547.

Meanwhile, Oil –Fuel that starts to occupy more on this date – will rise 0.7 pesos, reaching $ 515.4.

Finally, Gas and liquid fuel You will see a new low, this time of 5.3 pesos, marking $ 198.6.


As explained by the state company among the reasons behind this increase "the previous week began with market attention on the development of trade negotiations between the United States. And China. The two countries discussed the agreement when, on Thursday, May 9, President Donald Trump announced that if they did not reach an agreement with China, new tariffs would begin the next day. "

Finally, they noted, not achieving a solution, "the US. Decided to apply these tariffs to imports from China, which makes the weekend rise in Brent's price of oil. "

The prices correspond to ENAP's reference values, which only seek to provide relevant information for the fuel market, as opposed to those reported by the National Energy Commission and its fuel price information system on the Internet.

In fact, the company notes that this can not be considered as a document that defines values ​​for the consumer in Chile, since these are completely free because the market is cheap, The Italian is characterized by being open, competitive and deregulated.

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