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Cage of the strongest, this is the new letter of the Royal Clash


Cage of the strongest, this is the new letter of the Royal Clash

Supercell has confirmed in its Twitter account the arrival at Royal Clash's new charter of type structure called the Cage of Hold. The surprising in his mechanics is that when he loses his life he releases a dwarf with a dynamics very similar to the knight. At first glance it seems much stronger than we usually see in the fighting arena. In addition, the fact that he appears alone will surely give him even greater strength, especially when he comes out of his cage and starts fighting for the field of the game.

With a life time of 15 seconds and a maximum level of nine, a new card from Strangman Cage costs four drugs, so it is not too expensive or powerful. Its potential is defense only. We can say that it's a bit different from what Rodal Kalash players are used to. Especially considering that its structure is a hut from which then comes a unit in the form of goblin. Some players have already tried it They say it behaves similarly to other units that produce four elixirs. That is, can not tolerate lightning or rocket, even a fireball can leave a very touched. In any case, its strength increases when leveling up.

This is not the only new letter to Clash Royal in recent months. The April update brought with him the letter of the earthquake. The mechanism of the letter is closely related to its name. It is almost able to create cracks in the ground and damage everything around it. We can say that it is very similar to the operation of the poison, Although in this case its main objective is to destroy rival structures. Also, this card causes damage to one hundred percent crown towers. Its strongest point is that the rest of the buildings causes four double damage. Without a doubt, this is the perfect letter to get rid of goblin huts and collect in a quick and easy way.

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