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Carla Constant detailed the early arrival of Luca & Co. USA "Gusto": "Returns Super"


The return of Luca and America in the morning of Mega, "Mozart and Gusto", is closer. According to reports from La Cuarta, she has already met with high commanders and even last Tuesday she took time to eat with her friend Carla Constant.

The current driver spoke to the above-mentioned media and recounted how Luca Forte and Jara Forte would be on his return to "Mucho Gusto".

"It was completely renewed, he was in a great position, full, calm, eager to return home," he explained.

He also told how hard it is to get used to his absence in the studio because "he is the head of the morning, he owns the house, with Jose we created a very strong trio," he explained.

However, this trio will continue for a short time, because his arrival will also undermine Mega's morning: Diana Boloko.

"I have a feeling he will give very well," Constant said of the arrival of his next colleague. "We have a tendency to support those who deserve, it is very important, one understands that it is in favor of the program," he added.

Finally he explained that "he does not know how it will work" in the sense of whether they will do double or that they will work as a quartet. However, he looked at him optimistically, promising that it was "a good formula for the public because he always sees something else."

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