Sunday , January 17 2021

Cathy Barriga on controversy over her studies: "I have this title with my pregnancy" girlfriend

Cathy weaving She referred to the controversy that accuses her of not completing her studies and "falsifying" and "lying" about her academic background when she was listed as Mayo's mayoral candidate in an interview with the program Invaders Of the network.

In this case, the mayor made it clear that "I am licensed in psychology, adapted to the law. I took the dirt out of my stomach, With my 20-year-old baby now. "

Barriga studied in the 90s, however, the medium that put her in dispute suggests that it was not until 2017 that the mayor received an academic degree at the University of Santo Tomás.

"I recommend that you go to the Ministry of Education, first of all, to verify, my life is transparent, every act I do, and now more than ever I am a person who plays a role like the mayor of a commune even more, things go in favor of one," Akka Makano said. , In this sense, because there are people who bother you that you are so transparent and my life has always been public and I have the best memories of my step for the university. "

"I'm not going to give a platform to local media, Because there is a very clear political frameworkHe added.

Moreover, Barija asked them to stop making things up, because she worked hard to finish her studies: "Do not interfere, children, I have a degree in psychology, and I have nothing to say." In lies, the newspapers are in the public system, , And I am a licensed psychologist with a lot of pride. I have this title with my pregnancy. And there is nothing to say. To fool your words, your ears are uncircumcised, "he said.

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