Monday , March 8 2021

Cencosud CEO criticizes supermarket product restriction: “I see no point in measuring”

“I find no point in measuring.” This is the opinion that Kancosud CEO Matthias Vidala has restricted supermarkets from selling some items in person, and it was promoted by the government two days ago.

During the presentation of the investment for the next three years, the general manager of the company opened a place to address the measures taken by the government to try to control the outbreak of the plague.

In this regard he said that “we experience this in other countries and in general what we do is that they wear a belt so that customers do not enter. But if you ask me, I find no point in measuring because it seems to me that it is not helpful to anyone but it hurts the consumer.

In this sense the management went on to say that “there may be important items for the house and one has to wait for it Ecommerce With all their delivery times. I don’t think it helps. “

From the company’s point of view he argued that “it is more a service than a sales benefit”. He therefore insisted that “the best thing is that the customer when he leaves his house in a pandemic state, will go and buy everything he needs, be it here or in the competition.”

“That which is beneficial to some to the detriment of others, does not make sense,” he said.

He hoped, of course, that the government would abolish the index, “because it makes no sense,” because “a kitchen product, an appliance, might be essential.”

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