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Changes that seem to have been tested and everything that has happened in relation to its launch


At first it was the star, it went on as stars, and later we see how Phoenix is ​​very bird The Samsung Galaxy Fold is not a dead project And we continue to know details about how your second? Samsung Life seems to have been trying out some solutions to identified problems, so you should give an overview of this launch so many sounds for many reasons.

When it started to explode what would suffice as a crisis followed Remember, Invaded us in a certain way The duo Remember what happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Although unlike this case, the alarm time jumped In the stage prior to the sale, So launch dates have been eliminated to investigate and address the issues uncovered, which seem to have been testing solutions in South Korea.

The Galaxy

The joy was brief

Samsung has returned one of its most important events in the days of the Mobile World Congress, but this time we are going to introduce something beyond the usual renewal of its Galaxy S ranges (this year with four models), and His first commercial absorption device, Samsung Galaxy Fold, took all the bulbs that otherwise would have stayed on the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and the board bored. A functional laptop with 2019 flagship features and a main internal folding panel.

The device, like the rest of this folding-plagued fair in Barcelona, ​​was untouchable in those days, also its revenge on Huawei Mate X. In fact, before we analyze it the Galaxy S10 + that we are quoted. But the device had a release date planned for several markets (April 26 in the United States and May 3 in Europe) and finally we could try this beautiful demo A small committee Where we try to touch it Check it out in full.

Apart from some aspects of construction, it was not much appreciated, the problems began to be seen in units of analysis that came from various media (mostly American). The first bulge: a screen shield that was imprinted in it and not plastic that sometimes comes on the terminal, and there were few who tried to remove it Break the panel.

In other cases, failure was not related to that (which, as confirmed by the brand later, could have been much better), but it had bumps or screen failures without touching anything. Already become public after calling the brand, Samsung has picked up all these terminals Until further notice and cancellation of launch events.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Possible problem and possible solutions

The units returned home and we did not know from this statement of the company, explaining that, according to their initial analysis, the events on the screens "may be due to effects in the most exposed areas of the axes" and "materials inside the device affected the performance of the screen.

Then, the device reached Curious hands of iFixit and speculated on that possibility The space of seven millimeters is reserved for the screen to fold on itself It was censured on the screen because of the dirt that has been there, and that the screen received compensation without the need to remove it from the plastic shield specifically for this necessary but protected place (all this, in fact, cost them a dispute with the manufacturer and they had to remove the message).

Samsung Galaxy

In this statement the brand spoke about the fact that it was going to unveil the launch dates in the next few weeks, and for a moment it is no longer known. But we can know about some emails that the brand sent to those who kept the Galaxy fold to explain that if the booking order was not approved it would be automatically canceled at the end of May (for legal reasons in the United States).

On the other hand, and by American sources, AT & T operator sent an email that has been put even launch date: June 13. Samsung has not confirmed anything, so we will wait for what they say later.

The Galaxy

In the meantime, what is coming to us now from South Korea, especially thanks to Korean agency Yonap, is that they are already testing the improvements in the device and that the main change is in the protective layer of the phone, which will be more integrated the screen is the margin of the shield said under the console.

On the other hand, Samsung was also trying to reduce the space that was on the top and bottom of the axle that we talked earlier and that preferred the insertion of debris. These changes, according to direct sources cited by the Korean media, are already being tested in various Galaxy files distributed to various cellular operators in South Korea.

The medium also refers to a possible sale on sale in June if these tests end up with good results. We'll have to wait to test it, especially after doing it first Remember Almost a day after they divided the first units in principle and in the end. See if she continues the soap opera or if they manage to save that still could be the first folding device that is being traded, unless Huawei previews (and has no problems).

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