Saturday , October 1 2022

Check Night Starley in Motion


The instruction is as follows: Let play the image, look for ten seconds at the white spot in the top picture and then look at Vincent Van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night".

Just listen and you will be part of an optical illusion thanks to the spirals in motion of one of the master works of the artist.

It looks magic but has an explanation. what is the deal?

What you see is called "Post-motion effect", That is, a strong illusion of movement resulting from exposure to pattern in motion as well.

In other words, If you stare at something in motion, A static image, for example, seems to move if you look at it immediately afterwards.

The Verne website explains that some experts point out that this illusion may be due to the fact that it takes us to readapt our perception after the subject of these spirals do not stop spinning, so for a moment, Everything is spinning.


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