Saturday , January 16 2021

Claudia Schmidt showed a screenshot of the so-called "threat" of Mariela Sotomayor Society

Last week Mariela Sotomayor He left his post as a panel member on the program Invaders Of the network, with quite controversial exit, to date, has not stopped.

It is, that your excompañera board, Claudia Schmidt Uploaded a screenshot of WhatsApp of an uncomfortable conversation with Mariela where the latter threatens to tell how she arrived in Chile and who was a man, at the time, was paying her rent.

Claudia presented the description through Instagram, where she smoothed the picture under the text: "This is the woman, stop making internal threats and even more fake. I'm going for a free life, Without masks and nothing to hide. "

For his part, Sotomayor on Wednesday raised a photograph in which he wrote: "Hello friends .. Quiet, unfortunately and with time it should have happened … before they did not give me the word Today they open the program and talk about me… "

"The @intrusoslared panel shows the maximum magnificence of the evil … game under .. and false They shamelessly harm their toxicity.. Vibrating with the troubles of other famous believed that they could do it with me .. But here comes. I'm happy with my pig I got out of there !!! "He added.

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