Thursday , October 21 2021

Cruise travelers went down yesterday in Puerto Natales


The tourist ship was humiliated on Wednesday at the Kirka Pass.

GodOn Friday, the passengers of the tourist ship Le Soleal that touched the bottom on the Kirke Pass on Wednesday, visited the Torres del Paine National Park, after descending from the ship that ended up being towed to the Bay of Natales.

In the morning, the ship was supported by a tugboat to move from the Punta Dasgano sector at the entrance to the Sanit Canal to the bay in front of the city of Puerto Natales (12 km away).

The ship has remained in the first sector since Wednesday, November 14, after reaching the bottom of the kirka branch, which its manufacture has experienced a breakdown of the propeller shaft line, propeller propagation, proofing and sealing of propeller shaft.

Yesterday, after 11 am and the ships, the ship began to descend from the 222-passenger ship to the port of Port-au-Prince Airport. Then, the vast majority traveled by bus to the Torres del Paine National Park where they stayed throughout the afternoon. Others preferred to tour the city.

Yesterday the passengers left for the La Soleil cruise. Today they will be transferred to Punta Arenas airport to continue to their countries of origin.

The ship, for its part, will continue with Puerto Natales until the maritime authority authorizes its navigation to its final destination to continue its repair.

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