Sunday , June 26 2022

Crystal admits he received death threats: Friends were scared too TV and program


During her time on the star “Meca Pecados Digitales” by Mega, the singer Crystal Rodriguez Made a revealing confession about Death threats You received on social media.

After her public struggle over physical stereotypes, and after admitting that she was a victim of bullying in this regard, the former “red” began receiving hate messages from a user who created multiple accounts to intimidate her.

There he received a stream of audio with explicit death threats against him. “Disgusting, you’re going to die,” “Bastard, I’m going to kill you” were some of the messages he described on the show.

Despite the above, Rodriguez chose not to file the complaint: “You have to be honest: between me and something that’s really happening … I thought about it, I learned a lot”Added.

After being reprimanded by the singer’s friends, the user went so far as to expand the threats against them.

“He told them ‘I know where you live’ … and he gave information about dangerous places, where we live, and threatened two of my worst friends in the world,” she said.

From social networks and her testimonies, Crystal has made the public aware of the consequences of bullying and the dangers of physical stereotypes.

At the same time, the Chilean continued to work in music, whether as a singer or singing teacher.

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