Thursday , January 28 2021

Diego Valdes became the new supporter of Santos Laguna Sport

It became official. God Santos Lagoon Confirmed on Thursday that Diego Valdes This is his new support for the 2019 season.

The Mexican plaster He made it official through his website, Welcomes the Chilean connection.

"Officially, We announce the final transfer of Diego Valdes to the Santos Club. Here you risk your life in every game, a warrior! Welcome! "Said a drawing of Alibreda.

At the same time, they emphasized the capabilities of the national connection, stating that "he is a prominent multi-functional actor For his handling of the ball, an aerial game and the ability to walk on both areas"

It should be remembered that Valdés comes from Santos Lagoon Kings of Morelia, A club where he was an undisputed starter set up great seasons.

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