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Do you suffer from allergies? Follow these tips to deal with it


A few weeks ago began what is traditionally called the "allergy spring" that occurs by pollination, which is capable of triggering allergic symptoms in people like: inflammation, conjunctivitis, asthma for prolonged periods, as noted by Dr. Felipe Valdés, immunologist at Nueva Clínica Cordillera .

"It is estimated that the incidence of allergic rhinitis is between 11% and 26% of the population, varies according to the age group, while asthma is between 5% and 10% of the population," the expert adds.

On the occasions of people suffering from allergies in the spring without necessarily knowing what causes them, Dr. Valdés said that "these are a very common reason for consultation on this date and the vast majority of patients have no laboratory studies as a diagnostic tool and have a wide range of tests, Blood and others such as spirometry, which are able to provide valuable information on the patient's allergy profile and severity.

Referring to the simplest recommendations, the immunologist noted that "the main ones are to avoid direct exposure to trees and grass, to handle closed windows of houses and cars, to use sunglasses, night showers to eliminate pollen of skin and hair, among other things."

"While some general treatment can help in the daily management of allergies, many patients will benefit from drug therapy," warns the doctor. In this sense, he notes that "antiallergics (oral and eye) and inhaled nasal corticosteroids are effective in most people in controlling their symptoms." Ideally they should be marked by an expert considering each patient's profile and the negative effects they have, like any other drug . "

With regard to normal skin eruptions during this period, the Nueva Clínica Cordillera expert states that "Atopic dermatitis is very common in patients with other types of allergies, and can also be worse in the season, the most important thing for your treatment is the rejuvenation of the skin. There are various treatments, moderate cases can be treated only with creams and in more advanced cases with medical creams or other prescription drugs. "

Long term care of allergies

Considering that such reactions, in some people, do not occur only in the spring, the expert notes that "we have a treatment that has been shown to change the prognosis of allergic diseases and even managed to cure the allergy in a group of patients." This is immunotherapy, which can be administered as injections Or droplets / sublingual tablet.It is excellent in every person according to the test results, always by the expert. "

As a general advice on allergies affected by allergies, the immunologist recommends that "always be recommended by a specialist and be regular in their treatments." Allergies usually have a good response to treatments prescribed by doctors, and these can significantly improve the quality of life of people who suffer from them " .

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