Thursday , July 29 2021

Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero

In the first interbank transactions, the exchange rate was $ 6933.3, down $ 4.7 from yesterday's close.

After $ 700 yesterday, the dollar in Chile started the last day of the week with a sharp decline, moving away from the maximum of nearly three years in which it worked.

In the first interbank transactions, the exchange rate This is quoted at $ 693.3, which is a drop of $ 4.7 compared to yesterday's closing.

If yesterday's Chilean peers withdrew from their strong institutional investors' purchases, today's currency is back to track other currencies in the region, such as the Brazilian Real who earns the dollar against the dollar close to 0.3% against the basket. The hard coins.

The movement of the dollar in the domestic market is also supported by another day of copper gains. The last-minute recovery on Wall Street yesterday encourages investors, so that the future price of Chile's main export product will rise by 1.18%.

Carlos Quezada, market analyst at XTB Latam, said that "copper is estimated at 1% that the authorities of China and the United States met on January 7 to work on a solution in this trade war and possibly end before the end of March 1, which is the deadline," adding that " This we see a bearish pressure on the local exchange rate seeking support at $ 690 – $ 692. "

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