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Dragon Ball Super 109 and 110 Latin Spanish ONLINE: Goku comes to the doctrine of selfish and ultra instinct where to see YouTube | Picture 1 of 10 I am what

As a special, Cardboard network He prepared a double emission of Anime Super Dragon Ball. This week was screened Chapter 109 and 110 in Spanish and Latin first, Goku Comes to the Ultra Instinct And all the wineries responded with surprise.

Jiren Now you have a similar power opponent and you will see this epic battle in your language. Dragon Ball Super He is only a few days from the premiere of his film, in which he will be shown safely, And fans of Latin America You can enjoy waiting with the arrival of a selfless doctrine.

Although the broadcast came with audio sync issues and even with a few audios filtered from the Japanese, it is simply pleasing to the action that presents us with it I am what.

Dragon Ball Super 109 Spanish Latin online

Dragon Ball Super 110 Latin Spanish online

God Chapter 109 Starts with the battle between Goku And Brian de Château, as well as other characters of the 2nd universe. Although these are not strong enough to win the hero of Dragon Ball Super , They manage to distract them, but the best will come later.

Those of The Universe They begin to gather all their energies that way Goku Turn on power Clean Lady A Jiren. The name of the chapter depends. God Chapter 110 Take the steps and show that the strongest in the 11 universe is even stronger than the most destructive power of Goku.

In this way, Dragon Ball Super Explains that the power of such a power clashes with Goku's Ki. Releasing in this way the full potential of the hero, in other words, can now reach Ultra Instinct.

This was the big surprise of television for the entire audience Latin America. Although this is the imperfect version of selfish doctrine, one can compare the power of Jiren B Power Tournament.

In the following weeks will come the debut of the following episodes of Dragon Ball Super. This will accompany the movie with more episodes of Power Tournament in Spanish and Latin.

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