Thursday , July 29 2021

Earthquake "Moranda": Julio Jung and Sandra Donusu were cut off from the TV show and programs

Some time ago he confirmed that Moranda with the company Were undergoing drastic changes in the 2019 season. The approval given only once a week made hypotheses that could affect program members, and that was exactly what happened.

It was the newspaper La Cuarta, which launched the bomb that all the players who are part of the campus of MCC they were Final for next year.

B Invaders They also talked about it, where it was announced that two of the players had completely disengaged, while the others would be offered to continue, but with a reduction of up to half of their salary.

It was Michael Roldán who promised that those who would not continue to star in humor would Sandra Donuso and Julio Jung Duvoshele, The latter spoke Fourth / And confirmed the news.

"When I was told that it would only be once a week, I realized that I could be without work … I was very happy Morandé, but television is like that. The good times and the people I met, The actor admitted Hidden truths.

Relative to the other members Moranda, "Guaguito" said that those affected were notified by producer Kike 21 in 30 days, so they were respectable the years of their work.

"The logic is that those who follow next year will have to do it with lower salaries because they will move from a two-day job to doing only one a week … Some offer a 50 percent reduction of their salary. The program, which will not continue to work in the production company ", Was sentenced to Roldán.

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