Friday , May 14 2021

Edwick confirms summaries of Beetle after the discovery of "VIP cabins" on National Hill 2

The Minister of the Interior, Anders J. Edwick, referred to the raid on Kolina 2, there Various permissions Where some prisoners were.

In this context he reported on the internal summary to be carried out in order to seek responsibility.

The so-called "Operation Bisgarah" of this institution not only succeeded in deporting the 112 prisoners who lived in the prison module of Collina 2, but also brought questions to the estate because of the properties found on the site.

Among those caught, there are refrigerators, first cut meats, 42 inch televisions and exercise machines; Among other species.

In addition, the cells were Floating floors and tiled walls, In addition to flower beds with Plantations and cannabis sativa.

Referring to this finding, Minister Anders M. Edwick noted that the Ministry of Justice, along with the Nederland administration, had received letters on the matter to begin investigating How the prisoners came to access this kind of rights.

After the raid was over, Christian Alval, the director of the Nederria, said that as an institution they would take responsibility for the attack Eliminate this kind of practices Within detention centers.

Referring to the internal summaries that will be created, the spokesman of the National Association of Prisons, Anders Segovia, said that he thinks it would be good if this happens, but noted that the Mossad Needs additional support from the Ministry of Justice.

The prisoners who were evacuated were transferred to the high security prison, to the former prison, and to punishment La Serena, Puente Alto and Collina 1.

Meanwhile, the space of controversy will become a center of education and work, working with a budget of 50 million pesos.

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