Wednesday , August 4 2021

Everton hired the arch of controversy with Maradona

When the Belarusian club managed, the Argentine star named goal to sign it, however, "10" left Mexico. The doorman rejected suggestions and was without a club until now.

From: L. Rivera Talpen

After Serge Vergara and Bastian San Juan, Everton promised his third contract for the 2019 season. He is the Argentine goalkeeper Christian Campestrini, Which was his last sporting challenge at Dorados de Sinalua.

The gatekeepers in Mexico starred in an unusual dispute with Diego Armando Maradona in mid-year. It turns out that the Argentine star, when he was honorary president of Dynamo Brest of Belarus, called him to join the European team, but then he never answered again.

In fact, Campestrini said that he rejected a year and a half offer in Dorados to travel to Belarus, but as Maradona eventually goes to the same club Aztec is left with no chance of playing.

"Dorados offered me a year and a half of contract and I said no, since May I am free … Here are the words and values ​​of each of the more bad luck, Maradona was president, I did not get any apology from Radona, what else, he blocked me when I asked him if he could trust It was again after what he did to me, it was a painful moment, and Peon would not have received a club within 24 hours. " He then said the goal to Meta-Andean, playing his last game on April 21.

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