Monday , June 27 2022

Exomatado of the East Tigress confessed the reasons why he did not seem to be married


Exprometido of the Tigress of the East, Elmer Mochocho Peralta, decided to share the version of the facts and Explain why he left the altar at the last minute.

The young woman, 45 years from the singer, wrote on Facebook explaining the whole situation and revealing a hidden topic in his life.

"Everything is a scam, a reality show"Said the ex-boyfriend, who later explained that none of this was true.

"I want to tell my truth a little. This wedding will not be legal, not real. you know why? Because to get married there is a process of time, they never asked me for my birth certificate, they never asked me for my bachelor party, "he said.


He also used the publicity to apologize to the Peruvian people for this whole show. "Besides, they've already made me psychologically sick, when love is right, they do not pay you to marry. I have many things to tell and check. They lied to all Peru"he finished.

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