Friday , January 15 2021

Fire in a commercial building in Santiago recruited firefighters

Fourteen companies of the Fire Brigade of Santiago (CBS) enlisted on Thursday night to fight a Fire in a commercial building at the intersection of Matucana and Alameda, At the border of the Santiago Commune with the Central Bus Station.

From about 23:00, the flames affected several commercial buildings on the first floor of the three-story building, which had already suffered a similar attack in October.

God Central Bureau of Statistics, Gabriel Herta, Detailed Cooperative Because almost 200 volunteers had to work from the outside, defensively, because of a series of landslides inside the building.

"It was a building that was already hit by fire, and because of the new fire it's much weaker, there's a lot of risk of a crash inside and we're working outside," he added.

The third floor was completely destroyed by the flames.

After the fire is controlled, Firefighters have given way to work Waste removal As well as the opinion of the appropriate experts in order to determine the causes of the loss.

Passage through the Matucana Boulevard is suspended, while Alameda is suspended towards the west as a result of the work of the fire department.

The vehicles can return the Alameda in General Velásquez.

Already with daylight The owner of the premises affected They came in the morning near the building to see the damage.

"This is the second time this building burned down in 40 days (…) The locals have absolute losses, again. We recovered (From the October incident), "he said. Amador Raveh, one of the owners.

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