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Flash Wolves Champion in LMS Defeat Team MAD


Today, Flash Wolves Surprised everyone by taking his fifth consecutive title LMS, Defeats MAD Staff Despite the changes that occurred in his class after he took part in it Worlds 2018 And winning his move to the international tournament, MSI 2019.

The Way Of Flash Wolves The final was not easy since they had a long series against ahq e sports club, Overcome the decision of Maple and sword Leaving the team despite being two players in the organization's symbols.

The first game was the closest in the final, However, in an excellent game around the goals of the Wolves gave them the first game and the one in front. Apparently, MAD Staff It went downhill after its first defeat, since the following games were less complicated, there is a difference in gold and brutal table assassinations way, all thanks to the personal performance of Hanabi and Instead. Great macro microgame Of the team managed to shine in this series.

With this victory, Flash Wolves Will be responsible for representation Taiwan B Mid-season order And to be a local tournament, he is a strong and clear candidate to win the title, however, will be difficult against areas that seem to have increased their level. Europe will send G2 Esports, Which was Sophie Sophie B. LEC, While in Korea will be its representative SK Telecom T1 Which he destroyed Griffin, The group that dominated the usual phase of LCK. The region that won the World Cup last year will set its representative tomorrow.

What do you think of his leadership? Flash Wolves Despite the important changes? Do you think they can be a strong opponent at Mid-season order? Feel free to leave us your comments.

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