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Fortnite: Battle Royale, Season 7: Release date, subject, news and all you need to know video games


Fortnite: Battle Royale It has become one of the most played games of the past few years. The combination of its intuitive and friendly Royal Battle with a mechanical construction difference to other games like PUBG , It should be placed as a favorite among the new and old generations who find an enjoyable escape Video game

Part of its success is that this title is completely free and only has a micro payment system to get battle passes. These transitions are used every season to receive exclusive items such as suits, smicons, weapons and more.

Now, it 's close to Season 6' s Portnit Finish the season 7. For now, Epic Games He did not do anything as impressive as in other seasons, as in 4 that was a comet, in that 5 crack appeared in 6 giant huge giant cube.

In this article we will review all the information we have about the new season of Fortnite: Battle Royale And its possible exclusive items for season 7.

When does Season 7 start Fortnite?

Every particular month, a new season of Portnit It costs suggests its fresh content Battle of Royal For those players who get a season pass. Those who can not yet open certain content, but it is less and harder to achieve.

Season 6 of Portnit Is coming to an end, so it can be concluded that the final launch date of season 7 will be on the same Tuesday, December 4, the same day the Challenge Challenge ends officially in Season 6.

So far, Epic Games He did not comment on the new season, but it is likely that his launch time is the same as in the past. According to this premise, the launch will take place at 10:00 pm European time (CET), which will indicate that season 7 will be activated from 3:00 in Peru.

However, in other seasons the company released the update a few days after the end of the previous period to collect rewards and complete the latest challenges. As soon as the update comes out, there will be no longer any chance of getting old objects and other dormitories.

What is the theme of Season 7 of Fortnite?

While so far all seasons have been a kind of "teaser" in the same title, for now Epic Games Remained with the mystery of not introduced almost anything of the new season.

For now, the only hints you have are winter's arrival in the other part of the world, for Christmas and New Year. The companies have during this period a very clear snow theme, along with Christmas objects of red and green colors.

However, there are rumors that justify these beliefs, since packages of sounds found in this game imply snow steps and other objects related to Christmas. In addition, some forums discuss possible robotic invasion on the map, so one of the company's last photos is of a robot looking at a map of Portnit.

What are the objects of Fortnite's 7th season?

For now nothing is revealed about the new objects or skins of the next Fortnite season. Most likely, given that the following challenges and the theme of the game change to the winter environment, new suits are set in the Arctic as well as an ice ax instead of a record.

The commandments of Season 7 of Fortnit were also thematic, but it is still too early to describe anything about it.

What will be the price of season pass of Fortnite in season 7?

Typically, the price of each season pass is kept at 950 turkeys, which will be about 35 or 40 soles, depending on whether the transfer is carried out directly with epic or external physical games and is done in a separate store.

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