Thursday , July 29 2021

From where to see the amazing red superluna it will be appreciated in Chile in 2019

NASA has reported that 2019 will come loaded with astronomical events: Five eclipses, Transition Planets, Meteor meter, Three superlunas, Blue Moon and the approach of Jupiter Moon, are some of the phenomena waiting for the observers.

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The beginning of the new year comes with a special lunar phenomenon. God Sunday, January 20 North and South America will benefit "Supermoon of Blood".

This is an unusual and strange phenomenon of A moon painted red It originated when Earth interferes between the satellite and the sun, Which loses its light, creating a change in the tonality of the moon to color umber.

This will happen even when the moon is close to Earth's orbit, so you can see it in size Larger than usual, Known as Phenomenon Supermund.

It will be one of the most dazzling spectacles in the sky, since since the first full moon is known "The Moon of the Wolf", This event will be listed as "Eclipse of blood and a moon wolf".

The phenomenon will begin in an hour Hours on Sunday, So you can see all of Chile, ends in 02:43 am on January 21st, According to the media in North America USA Today.

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It will be enough to get the Clear skies So hundreds of witnesses will see the moment when the dawn shoots Orange and yellow While covered in a red cloak.

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