Friday , January 22 2021

Happened to the pocket: This will add to the eighth consecutive week of economic loss

The National Oil Company (ENAP) reported on Wednesday that prices will register fuels as of Thursday. Again, good news: everyone will see values ​​down thanks to Mepco, and to a lesser extent, due to the fall in the price of the dollar.

According to the state company, since December 13, a liter of gasoline 93 octane Will come down -5.8 peso, Reaching 74.8.9 peso as a reference, which occurred the eighth consecutive loss, very close to the return to prices held in mid-August, before the long period.

On this path, 97 octane It will also record its seventh drop (from -5.8 peso), Reaching 769.7 pesos per liter.

God Diesel fuel, However, will reach 570.5 pesos per liter, which implies -5.8 peso Less than last week.

At the same line, the oil Will show a sharp decline -10 pesos, Reaching 482.2 pesos per liter.

Meanwhile, Liquid gas (LPG) will remain at 222.9 pesos per liter, as it will record a slight rise 2.4 pesos Compared to the previous week.


According to this scenario, 93 octane benzene will receive eight weeks down, with Cumulative accumulation of 45.8 pesos During this period, after a long period of increases that raised the price by 50.3 pesos by 10 weeks.

Meanwhile, gasoline of 97 octane accumulates its seventh consecutive loss, and already accumulates A cumulative decrease of 39 pesos Following a 43.4-month increase in pesos, which lasted nine weeks.

These prices will apply between Thursday 13 and Wednesday 19 December.

The prices correspond to ENAP's reference values, which only seek to provide relevant information for the fuel market, as opposed to those reported by the National Energy Commission and its Fuel Price Information System online.

In fact, the company notes that this can not be considered a document that defines values ​​for the consumer in Chile, since these are completely free, The yolian is characterized by being open, competitive and deregulated.

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