Wednesday , January 27 2021

"He is not a child, therefore, he can not be pressured by someone"

The CEO of Carabineros addressed the statements of exoneiformado, accused of the death of Camilo Catrillanca, and promised that the lawyer of the institution and the former commander of Gope de La Araucanía ordered them to hide information about the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

Managing Director of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, responded during this day to the words of former sergeant Carlos Alarcón, who was exposed by the third, In the case of a uniformed policeman "told us what we had to say" about the case of the death of a member of the Mafia community, Camilo Katrilinka.

Alarcon, in his judicial statement, said that "Lawyer Christian Inostroza told us what we had to say, and my eldest son (Manuel) and Dribizo supported him. Attorney Enostroza also asked us if we had cameras. Raul vvila said he was with a camera and before that lawyer inostroza told us that the version will be that no one was with cameras.

The Exonfordo, who blamed the death of the mafia, Comonaro accused the former opposition chief of the region, Major Manuel Valdivieso, of drawing attention to him. "He tried to weaken me, he told me to be calm, that everything would work out well, but when I told him the truth, he asked me, 'Do I want to go to jail?' He told me not to be weak and to stand firm.", he mentioned.

In this regard, Hermes Soto sharply criticized the remarks of the former sergeant, indicating that exuniformado "I had 25 years of service in an institution, is an adult, has enough maturity to determine what is right or wrong."

Soto added that if Elrcon was "determined to do what he did, he was wrong. He is not a child, and therefore, he can not be pressured by anyone. "

"He had to fulfill, as required, what the law authorizes and requires", Summed up the highest authority of uniformed police.

In the morning, the director's film, which was directed at Mossad officials, was exposed in the midst of the crisis facing the police in uniform over the death of the Comunero, in which he tells them that "we can not continue on the path of lies, unnecessary use of force and indiscriminate use of weapons."

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