Thursday , July 29 2021

Height Juan Andreas Camus: Pinera won and the stock exchange was its worst year since 2013

The bad end of the year is marble The Chilean Stock Exchange And its main indicator, IPSA, Which will be closing on Monday December 31 with a decline of about 9 percent.

This scenario is reminiscent of the statements made by the President of the Santiago Stock Exchange, Juan Andres Camus, Which predicted in October 2017 "collapse in the price of shares" if Sebastien Pinera did not win the presidential election.

Paradoxically for Camus, Pinera was chosen and IPSA dropped 9.02% so far in 2018, leaving it in a scenario where it will record its worst annual performance since 2013, when it fell 14%.

"The Chilean stock market is closing a very bad year like many stock exchanges in the world to a series of information that gave rise to uncertainty and we will be around a loss of 9% profitability, which has an impact on the pension funds," the journalist explained. Roberto Seah, from Weight to weight.

It should be borne in mind that Camius, who donated 13 million 10,000 pesos on the journey of Pinera, said that the victory of the right is "good news for investors", as he promised "strong market", but the current results of the stock market they show the opposite scenario.

Seah stressed that "What we are witnessing is that the stock market will end its worst performance since 2013, Its worst performance in five years, with a 9% decline in the profitability of IPSA, its main index. "

"In contrast it decreased by 9 percent with an increase of IPSA of 34 percent in 2017 with the president (Michelle Bachelet). Under Camus' vocabulary, with the president of No-Markets, the Institute of Computer Science increased by 34 percent, and with the pro-market president, IPSA dropped by 9 percent,, He claimed.

In addition, President Piniere's tweet, in which he celebrated the tenth consecutive week of low gas prices that alludes to the actions of his government, The rise and fall of gasoline is attributed to international factors and the dollar price.

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