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How many million will Finara pay for Paul McCartney tickets?


During the first government council of 2019, President Sebastian Pinera made an extraordinary invitation. For all his cabinet, that is, 24 ministers of state portfolios, he invited them to a concert by Paul McCartney.

This information was circulated because these were courtesy of the Ministry of Sports. However, the government spokeswoman, Cecilia Perez, went to deny the matter.

Highlights on Pinera tickets

He began by saying that, together with the other ministers and the president, they share many things. He said they had "many coincidences: to embrace the principles of center-right-freedom, democracy, progress, justice-and to be the majority of Paul McCartney's fans."

"After hard work, as you saw in 2018, in preparing and distilling the engines for 2019, the boss invites us and the boss pays, and we are grateful for the opportunity, if our agenda allows it." Next Wednesday to see Paul McCartney's " , The spokeswoman told the media.

And how much does it look like to see Paul McCartney?

The concert is expected to take place on Wednesday, March 20 at the National Stadium. Your available tickets have different prices. The cheapest one costs $ 46,400 and is located in the "Cencosud" area, the farthest. Even if the invitation was to this region, the invitation to the 24 ministers exceeds half a million pesos.

The most expensive card available has a value of $ 568,400. If Pinera decided that the luxury he wanted to transfer to portfolio managers was the closest to the British, the value would rise to $ 13,641,600. This is without counting the entrance itself and not one of morale.

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