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Identity control of minors marked the first government council of the year


The President Sebastian Piniara On Friday, he led the first cabinet council of the year with its 23 ministers, a case marked by the president's own deployment of his research initiative, which expands the control of preventive identity.

At the meeting, the head of state stressed the three deputies of 2019: security, social reforms and economy.

In the past three days, Pinera has defended the expansion of the 14-year-old preventative identity, with the registration of backpacks and cars, gambling on broad support, he said, the initiative.

Yet, The project is not fully supported by Chile. Let's go, Like the senator Andreas Almand (RN) who sees no justification for including minors Evópoli who doubts the protocols of the intervention of Carabineros lectin, So they see the initiative in Congress with a small future.

To this is added the delineation of the director of the Senate, Susanna Tunda, who said that the focus must be on prevention and reintegration in the case of minors.

The government is ready to "improve the projects together"

At the end of the cabinet meeting, the Secretary-General reminds the government, Cecilia Perez, Promised that the administration is "open doors for dialogue, for building agreements, to improve projects together" with the opposition.

"Chile needs to continue, with more power, among us all, because there can not be two groups here: the group that wants to add, that's us, which is our coalition, which is part of the opposition, and a team that wants subtraction, which is the second part of the opposition. We need everyone to join the team that adds"said.

The Secretary of State emphasized that they "will continue to work in the spirit of unity, with a number of actions, but do not forget that the person who is running is President Sebastián Pinera."

Allamand: It seems to me unlikely to set up the limit in 16 years

Elmand, who took part in the media committee on Friday, headed by Cecilia Perez, said he supported strengthening preventive control, but acknowledged differences with management in reducing age.

"We have a difference in terms of the age at which this project should be implemented. I recruited directly with the management because they are examining the age established at this moment, which is 14 years. I think that setting the border in 16 years will be much more reasonable and we hope the government will accept the request"said.

Parliament said that "it had the impression that we were going to clean up the issue of age as I mentioned."

Public criminal defense: The data do not indicate the need for preventive control

For its part, the public criminal defense, Andres from breastfeeding, with figures in hand, stressed that young offenders of the law are decreasing.

"The data from the Public Criminal Defense, the Judicial Branch, the Public Office, all speak on average of a 40 percent drop in the prevalence of adolescents in the prevalence of adolescents in crimes investigated in the criminal justice system," he said.

Although he notes that there is still a lack of project, he claimed that so far, with what is known, "there is still a lack of background for discussion, because there really are indisputable figures."

"The data do not indicate the need to use, for any reason, such tools. It seems to me that it does not agree with the international legislation to which Chile is bound. "

The government is expected to enter into an initiative next week that will expand its preventive identity control.

At the Council of Ministers, the President surprised his ministers by inviting them to a show in Chile on the next Wednesday by Paul McCartney.

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