Friday , January 22 2021

Immigration agreement: Pinera thanks Frey for support that led to his party's rejection of Leumi

After support issued by the former president Eduardo Fry The government's decision to subtract from United Nations Immigration Agreement, Which triggered the rejection of the opposition sectors, the president Sebastian Piniara He admitted to scolding.

Pinera said he appreciated Fry's support, who "He understands very well the responsibility of a president, and that is why we must not make a mistake. A property agreement encourages illegal immigration and reduces the sovereignty of the state. "

The Christian Democrats, the head of the lobby, Matthias Walker, Raul Soto's deputy, and Senator Francisco Honcche and Mila criticized the position of the former mandate.

As noted by La Tercera, Walker promised that Fry "has his mind", which Is contrary to the party's institutional position Which is reflected in the draft decision at home. In addition, "the statement of our former chancellors is to call on the government to reconsider its decision, in short, to join the World Alliance for Migration, orderly and regular."

Deputy Raul Soto, for his part, said that "one would expect much more vision of the status of a person like Fry and Do not get carried away by the temptations of extreme populism. "

He also separated the DC and Frei positions on the grounds that the party "Today is the opposition and is the government," since the former president is currently an ambassador in a special mission for Asia-Pacific.

"I think you have to choose, we can not continue to suffer this kind of ambiguity. This makes a huge damage to the game "Added Soto.

Meanwhile, Senator Hunz and the word was equally severe, promising that "I would expect a little more caution from the former president of the republic."

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