Tuesday , August 9 2022

IPSA falls on Monday Santiago Stock Exchange stands out from an upward trend in world markets


Case 8

The Santiago Stock Exchange on Monday fell 0.14% to its benchmark SPCLXIPSA index, which closed at 5,133.42 points.

On the other hand, the General Stock Price Index (SPCLXIGPA) shed 0.16% to close at 26,052.87 points.

The total number of shares traded was $ 94,171 million ($ 140 million) in 15,933 businesses.

The highest gains were adjusted for SMT (2.49%), Blumar (1.61%) and Sonda (1.57%), while major losses affected nitrates (-5.00%), blue blue (-2.96%) and CAP (-2.88% ).

The Inter-10 (SPCLXIN10), which measures the domestic performance of securities traded as ADR (American Depositary Receipt) in New York and which are an important component of IPSA, decreased by 0.02% and remained 6,013.34 integers.

IPSA 26 11 (1)

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