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Is there anyone better than Daenerys to sit on the Throne? Game of chairs – time spoiler


Maybe in those moments, and with The bells Already issued, you think about it Danry Demonstrated his madness to the power of the micro-conversation he was with John in Photo 3 From: The Last of Stark /. This is to say that the only way to be happy is to do what she wants is a dictator (something that somehow came back when he tried to kiss him in the last episode, meaning it was love or fear that would dominate), but here we defend their position We are a nation Mother Of The Dragons / Until death.

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His features are already frightened by his strength, by those who do not care more than stay with him Seven kingdoms And "liberation", whether by killing or sacrificing all nations to cross it on the way. There is no such male Reina That put the interest of the people and their well-being on everything. And that's because many bet on her to stay Queen of Westros They "took their boat" and even saw Cersei As a better option (is it serious?), But really There is no one better Danry Fill the position.

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Okay, let's check out the real possibilities throne. To maintain our support for the blonde. Let 's start with Sansa Stark. Unnamed: Let's be honest, you think she can command Seven kingdoms If you can not even with winter Without the help of Danry and John?. Impossible fine, you can play the game of chairs, you learned a lot Cersei And even his scenes winter They reminded us of Lannister, but He would repeat the story alone Cersei: Total useless

And speaking John, It is inappropriate to mention these possibilities after what he did Ghost (?) but you have to do it to be a legitimate heir. However, as they said Tyrion and Lord and Charisse,He does not want it throne"And this is important: no ruler can do it without conviction of his spirit, otherwise I would do it reluctantly, without happiness, without empathy for the people.

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Let's go to who was our strongest competitor I have to, Cressy Lanister, Rather than mourn, but analyze it. Okay, it's gone, it's controlled, and we're very objective, it did not work. What's more, we seriously ask ourselves one thing: How did it really get there in time? Although he had some small advantage, Her arrival was more due to her carelessness in taking care of her children, which leads us to another subject: she never wanted it throneShe wanted her kids throne. Yes, an excellent mother but a goddamn queen.

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So, for the effort, for the suffering from the first moment, for being an important part in the fight against the dead (do not forget that without his army, that the struggle will favor The King Of The Night) And the fact that he sacrificed more than anyone else in this conflict (his dragons, his friends, his true essence) no doubt that Danery Targarin He is the person of everything A game of chairs Who deserves to sit throne of Seven kingdoms.

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