Monday , January 25 2021

It is pure art in motion

Nomad Studios will put the pin year with the GRIS, an experience that brims with elegance, progress and color. But above all with a suggestion that translates into the search for emotions.

Gray, the hero of this trip, will start out of sadness that will be tangible for the player through his appearance. A feeling that will fade when you add colors and skills to the world around you, offering a wonderful balance between watercolor paintings and pieces by authors such as Mobius o Milo Manara.

In fact, at GRAY Alma Mater Of the most attractive project made in Spain of 2018 there is a Catalan family name: Conrad Rozet.

And, to show, its launch launcher.

Barcelona's studio offers us A fascinating and profound experience of maturity Where we will not expose ourselves to other dangers and frustrations. Despite discovering this precious world, which is created artistically, we will have to solve puzzles and challenges.

In other words, GRAY It is not a trip, but an emotional journey presented to us through beautiful, animated scenarios made with a special affection for the soundtrack that puts the finishing touches to its excellence.


Key date? GRAY Will be available for tomorrow, December 13, On-Switch and PC using Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle. Maybe we're closing 2018, but there's still room for surprise.

Surprises, yes, with gentle work and talent behind.

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